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Captain Pomery is a military captain who is General Boggs' right hand man. Pomery is described by Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs to be a very attractive. Pomery is always with Boggs and always available for information. In "End of The Swat Kats", Pomery informed Boggs who the Swat Kats were when he had no clue about them. Like Boggs, Pomery is also willing to reduce a city to rubble to stop one villain and looks at the Enforcers in disgust.


-My friend originally wanted him to be called Captain Montgomery.

-He might have been an inspiration of Charles Pomery Stone (September 30, 1824-January 24, 1887) who was a career U.S Army officer, civil engineer, and surveyor and the one who fought during the Mexican-American War.

-He might have been inspired by Sir George Pomery Stone (November 1, 1835-February 27, 1881) who was a British Army Officer who became governor and commander-in-chief of Natal and High Commissioner for South Eastern Africa.