Captain Hook (Character What)0001
Captain Hook is major villain in the Character What series.

Character What: Hero Force

In Return's for Revenge, Captain Hook join forces with Shadow Aaron and the other villains to seek revenge on Shadow Joe.

Captain Hook makes a cameo in The Return of the Dazzlings.

In Men Club, Captain Hook was one of the few male villains in Shadow Aaron's men club.

Character What: Chronicles

In Treasure Hunt, Hook heard that Shadow Joe, Dawn and Twilight Sparkle were going to search for treasure so Hook and the Pirate Crew follow Shadow Joe and his friends to led them to the treasure.

In Mermaid of the Sea, The Pirate Crew catches Ariel in a net and Hook orders them to ted her to the ship.

Character What: New Hope

Character What: Ultimate Hero

In Villains Pals, Rainbow Dash free Captain Hook along Pete, Ursula, HIM, Discord and accidentally the Toiletnator from their prison cells.

In Pirate Vs Pirate, Hook challenges Captain Jack Sparrow to sword duel, but Hook lost duel fight.

Character What: Villains Revenge

In The Return: Part 2, Captain Hook was with other villains that gather up to tell about preparing attack on Shadow Joe's base along Shadow Joe and the other heroes. Later Captain Hook and the other villains with Shadow Aaron were matching toward the base, and Shadow Aaron tell the villains (including Captain Hook) to take out every hero them can, and Shadow Aaron say ''but remember Shadow Joe is mine". When they were in the base, Captain Hook have a sword duel with Captain Jack Sparrow. Later Peter Pan join with Jack Sparrow, and both battle Captain Hook. Captain Hook and all the other villains who were still standing recited the base.

Character What: The Last Stand

In Shaun want to see Shadow Joe, Captain Hook and his Pirate Crew fighting Dawn, Ben Tennyson, and Twilight Sparkle, Captain Hook was ultimately defeated by Ben as Big Chill by freezing Hook using ice breath.


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