Enough of that, Boris. Your numbers are trivial. You think me blind? Try as you might, you can't hide your failing. I've heard your mindless chatter with our out of the common guests. I've seen you fumble and struggle to order at Chuck E Cheeses. You lack the bread and butter of a respectable American single father. You lack power. And you know this. It gnaws at the very core of your being. You think grounding me will sate the demon that hammers at your skull? No, it will only postpone your twisting nights of reflection. You regard me as the one thing below you, well no longer. There is now nothing for you to decide anymore, Boris. You are the catalyst of naught. Now, and only now, are you grounded... in reality.
~ Caillou rising to power

Caillou is an antagonist and sometimes a protagonist of GoAnimate. 


Most of the time, Caillou is naughty, evil, mean, demanding, disobedient, troublesome, rude, angry, arrogant and selfish.

However, he has good intentions in some GoAnimate videos.


Caillou is a troublemaker likes to go to Chuck E. Cheeses.

Despite being a troublemaker who gets grounded by his family, Caillou has good intentions and when he does good things, he gets ungrounded.

He is normally the main antagonist of the Caillou gets Grounded series, however he is sometimes the main protagonist whenever Boris, Doris and Rosie are the antagonists. 

In some videos, Caillou has siblings who have names that rhyme with his name.

In most GoAnimate videos, Caillou is a kid but in some videos, he is a teenager and he is an adult in some videos.


Caillou is a bald kid with a yellow shirt with red stripes, blue shorts, white socks and red shoes.

List of voices in GoAnimate who voiced Caillou

  • David (also known as Zack and Evil Gunius)
  • Ivy
  • Dave
  • Joey
  • Brian
  • Justin
  • Kidaroo (When He is Angry)


  • In OliverWestern's videos, Caillou's last name is Anderson. 
  • Caillou's name is sometimes prounced differently.