Button Mash is the local gamer of the Eques-De-Sac and the deuteragonist of the Ed, Edd n Eddy XL series. He is also the son of Elaina Mash and the love interest of Sweetie Belle. He is voiced by ShadyVox. He is also the (former) tertiary antagonist of Ed, Edd n Eddy XL: The Aperture War.

Button Mash is normally portrayed as a hero and is shown to care about his friends and family. He is often seen playing video games that range from the 80's to the 90's and sometimes, he hangs out with Sweetie Belle (his love interest). However, there are times when his curiosity and imagination (sometimes even his short attention span) can persuade him to do wrong.

Antagonistic Roles

Ed See, Ed Do: helps Eddy steal jawbreakers from the candy store, which causes Elaina to ground him from video games for a week.

Party all Ed Long: joins Eddy in accusing Pinkie Pie of hiding something dark and disturbing in the "authorized personnel only" room.

Ed-dom Come: makes a deal with a con-artist Humgonian elf, causing him to steal the Eds' cash they need for jawbreakers.

Graphically Ed-vanced: accidentally kicks the Eds out of his own game and has the final boss eat them alive. But the Eds immediately come back to life after he thought they were dead.

Pizza-Backed Ed: teases Ed because of all the acne shown on his back. He sets up his own attraction to make Ed a laughing stock and makes a whole lot of money, which angers Eddy. Elaina grounds him from video games for two weeks after this event.

Imagin-Ed-tion: imagines himself as a Humogonian giant and begins terrorizing Dream Park, causing Eddy to shut down the theme park and have Elaina ground him.

Island of the Eds: main antagonist role; is hungry after staying on the remote island for way too long and pictures Eddy as a box of apple juice. Therefore, he begins chasing Eddy until they finally arrive back home.

Inspector Ed-get: becomes his superspy alter-ego, The Stache, but takes it too far after wrongly accusing numerous citizens of certain things they do which he somehow mistakes for actual crimes.

I Come in Ed: tries to eradicate Sweetie Belle after Eddy makes him think she is some of sort of mutant creature. This results in Sweetie getting upset with Button and having Elaina ground him.

Perhaps the most well-known villainous act of Button Mash was in the show's theatrical film, Ed, Edd n Eddy XL: The Aperture War. He decides that he wants to join the resistance of the Breakfast Kingdom to help them take down the Foullands. Elaina says he's too young to be part of an army, but he neglects her words and decides to join anyway. He also threatens to imprison and eventually, execute the Eds if they ever try to stand in his way, or confront him. After he realizes that Foullanders and Breakfast People were never actually sworn enemies, he quits and apologizes to the Eds and his mother for not listening to them.


"I win! I win! I win!"

"Aw, fiddlesticks!"

"I'm not Button anymore! I am... THE STACHE!!!"

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