Burned Face Joshua is the main antagonist of the deviantart creepypasta of the same name. He was a half African Caucasian slave, he living with his two parents and only older brother, he working for their owner who was not nice at all so when one day a young girl disappeared. She was found mudered later, and Joshua father was accused to rape her and murdered her, without real proof a mob breaking in the family house. He watch his parents and brother be killed, the mob finally killed him and burned the house with the bodies. so the ghost of the young boy now attacked anyone who go in burned farm, because this house was his house before he was murdered by the mob. Then he wanted to take revenge on anyone, same if they do nothing for killing him, because has a ghostt he was not nice at all, he do not look the same after his death. At every halloween like Old Broken bone Pete he appear on ghost form, and kill the two teenage boys.

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