Buck Walrus is a major antagonist in the 1995 animated film, Land of volcano. He also voiced by Tim Allen.

Role in the films

Land of volcano

In the first film, Buck is first seen in the film when Tommy's mom is killed and eaten with a shark. Buck has a plan for destroy the island together with Tommy and the other animals. He found the place of Volcano and was tricked the spell who the Tommy's father is transforming into a Dodo in the cave of the dead.

Then, Buck kidnaps the Tommy's girlfriend, Annie and creates the clones of the dinosaurs for kill Tommy and he becomes the king of the walruses of the world. Buck and Annie meets the walruses

Tommy throws his boomerang which strikes on his head. In the last moments, he's slipped by a banana peel, causing to him to fall over in his death into the volcano, exploding his mortal body. After the death of Buck, All the walruses running into the island.

At the end of the movie, Tommy's dad is transforms back into a seal while the spell is broken. Ball and Cake are shown jabbering on about their fight with Buck while holding his tooth, which is all that's left of the villainous walrus.

Land of volcano II: the great adventure

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