The Bowser Jr. Rookies are a champion baseball team that are one of the main antagonistic groups of the Mario Super Sluggers fan saga. They are a group of two-timing, power-hungry snobs whose sole purpose is to win the Rainbow Yoshi Cup by using cheating tactics on the opposing team. Their plan is to become the voted candidates for Baseball Kingdom after they win at least six Rainbow Yoshi Cups. They also enjoy watching the opposing team being laughed at and looking like idiots. Despite being the trademark rivals of the Mario Fireballs, they are the main protagonist villains in the saga's prequel, Mario Super Sluggers: Legend of the Bowser Jr. Rookies.


  • Bowser Jr. (Captain)
  • Kamek the Green Magikoopa (Sub-Captain)
  • Boo
  • Dark Bones
  • King K. Rool
  • Kritter
  • Funky Kong (revealed member)
  • Petey Piranha (formerly)
  • Paragoomba
  • Goomba

History in the Prequel

Coming soon!

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