The tyrannical robloxian himself
Some attributes
First The God of Evil
Second Roblox
Third God of Evil, Ruler of Banland
Other attributes
Fourth leftalone22, Army of Darkness
Fifth Castle Bowser10045
Sixth Anything Good, MarioVsDrybones

"Insignifigant Robloxian! I'll shatter you, your friends, and your world."

-Bowser10045 taunting MarioVsDrybones in his castle

Bowser10045 is the main antagtonist of Roblox and is the archnemesis of MarioVsDrybones. Bowser10045 is the god of villains, alongside his right hand man, Leftalone22. Bowser1045 and his army plan on taking over Roblox, puting all robloxians under their power.


Bowser10045 is dishonest, cruel, wrathful, greedy, sadist, ruthless, reckless, and selfish, He only cares about himself. Bowser10045 thinks evil is supreme, and thinks good is weak. Bowser10045 hates anything good, and has a strong hate of MarioVsDrybones. He also believes that love is for the simple minded.

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