The Boingsday Device is one of the main antagonists of Netflix Smash Bros.: SpongeBob's Adventure as well as the chief antagonist of Netflix Smash Bros.: Boingsday Reborn and their TV show adaptations.

Netflix Smash Bros.: SpongeBob's Adventure

The Boingsday Device first appears in Netflix Smash Bros.: SpongeBob's Adventure. It is seen repairing itself and escaping from its underground imprisonment in the Tree of Peace after Lord Boiyoing removes the Diamond Fruit from it. Boiyoing asks the Device to help him conquer the Complex Colonies and it agrees to do so. SpongeBob defeats the menacing weapon as DiamondBob ShinePants and this results in Lord Boiyoing and the Device itself to go under the Tree of Peace as punishment for trying to separate the Colonies.

Netflix Smash Bros.: Boingsday Reborn

The Device returns in Netflix Smash Bros.: Boingsday Reborn as the main antagonist. It magically escapes the Tree of Peace and it plans to destroy it all by itself without any help from Lord Boiyoing, since he is still imprisoned in the Complex Colonies Asylum. With the help of the Iron Veggies and the Diamond Fruit, SpongeBob becomes IronmondBob ToughPants and finishes off the Boingsday Device once and for all.

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