"The Board's word is law for all the Luxendrians!."

The Board's motto.

The Board of Directors in FEAST Saga are the main antagonists of the Black Strings Carnival: Last Song. The Part 2 of the saga. They're referred as the Government of Luxendria.

Charges and Roles

The roles of the Board of Directors are divided pretty much like a typical one, except that they're more in the political side, is also a body of elected or appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of the country.


The president is the leader of the country, often taking the decisions that could change the rules on the city and its habitants, sometimes good or bad.

  • Wilhelm Krone - President since 1999, at the age of 19 was appointed by the Board. (unwillingly at first) And is currently in charge.


The second in command, takes the charge when the president isn't present, and often takes the decisions with the president's aid.

  • Tristan 'Hiro' Cruz - Is a young DJ who was elected by the people.


The Secretary takes notes of anything that moves, keeps records for documents, historical meetings, and other important events.

  • Rachel Hills - She's the current Secretary.

Board Members

Members that doesn't had a concrete role and help the Board in discussing matters, voting, etc.

  • Liam 'Jazz' Milford - She's a member of the board. With 18 years old is currently the youngest.
  • Troy Smith - He's a member of the Board.
  • Rock D. Snider - Is a member despite he doesn't connect his nexus with them.

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