Blue Kirby is the main antagonist of The Air Ride series by Poyo Ride.
Blue Kirby artwork

Blues current artwork


Blue Kirby likes to take one of the legendary air ride machine pieces, but White Kirby does not like this fact, and he hates blue Kirby too. They are Eternal Rivals. However, blue is not really evil, he is just a rival to white Kirby, and can be considered an anti hero sometimes, though he is still considered the main villain.

Other Appearances

Blue Kirby makes a guest appearance in Green Kirby Air Ride Comic 12, along with TARS White Kirby. He will also appear in The Adventures of Yellow Kirby  and another upcoming unnamed series.

Blue will also guest star in Poyo Rides other comic series's, such as GT, Dogs, and FSJ.

Blue appears in Stop Motion Smash Bros (AKA Air Ride Series Smash) as a fighter.

Blue appears in GT Smash as DLC.

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