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Blood Eye (Attack on Titan)
Blood Eye, the Soulless
Alias Unknown
Origin Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Status Deceased
Skills Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Goals Unknown

Blood Eye is a Titan Shifter that Fryz encountered while she briefly was spotted in the Attack on Titan universe. Blood Eye is one of several Titans that lived near a mountainous region far north from where the main plot of the official canon takes place, in a doomed village that perished due to the increasingly cold climate over the years. It is hinted, however, that Blood Eye survived long enough to find his way to another village further south. After Dogma did a hard reset on all of Ultimoria and existence itself, Blood Eye was among the many beings who were erased from existence as a result, even though in an odd twist, Blood Eye had no affiliation to Ultimoria at all.


In most regards, Blood Eye's face resembles the Rogue Titan to a certain degree, but with the noticeable difference of the torn out eye and bloodied left side of his face, covered by length hair on that side of his face. His remaining eye is orange, and his eyelids on that eye have been destroyed from the same incident that wound up with him losing his left eye. His skin is extremely pale, almost a light shade of gray rather than any shade of normal human skin, probably due to the cold climate from which this Titan originates from.

His torso is skinny around his chest, showing off a rib cage visible through the thin veins of skin covering his chest, with his lower half being much more thicker and normal looking. As a whole, the chest causes Blood Eye to be taller than a normal Titan (16 meters compared to the standard 15 meters), and his feet have no actual toes, just pillar-like stubs which resembles those seen on the Colossal Titan's feet, giving his legs a very Sauropod-like nature with how they're structured.


As a Titan, Blood Eye showcases abnormal behavior pattern. Most Titans in his region cannot withstand the cold weather that's on the increase every year, and the Titans themselves are slowly dying from lack of sunlight in their region. However, Blood Eye has grown resilience to the cold weather, and is capable of maintaining near full activity even in cloudy weather. As a result, it took a full scale blizzard to knock out Blood Eye during the day time, and even then, he was still able to survive to tell about it.

As a Titan Shifter, Blood Eye mostly maintains his Titan Form as what he preferred to utilize as a form until he found another civilization from which to flee to and blend in as a human. However, those plans were delayed by Fryz having infiltrated this universe, a being who would actually come close to killing Blood Eye, and is the reason why Blood Eye lost his left eye. Blood Eye is patient, and doesn't directly attack foes unless he has no other choice to do so. His reasoning for attacking Fryz are mostly him simply trying to survive, since he knew if Fryz kept using her climate changing abilities, that she'd kill all of them in the aftermath of the blizzard.

As a human, he appears to like bragging about "slaying a Drake" in his youth, in which his most prized possession is a metallic shard of Fryz Master Mode's armored, metallic hide. Since no remnants of Fryz remained in the aftermath of the battle with her, he had every reason to assume she was dead, but how he obtained the "scale" from her is something he isn't fully aware of. As a human, it should be noted he could honestly care less about whether Titans are rampaging, he simply cares for the fact life, no matter what kind of life it is, should continue to exist, and he sees Fryz as the ultimate threat to that idealistic view, since her frigid cold weather controlling ability would effectively wipe out all life on the planet if unleashed to maximum effect.


100 years before the present, in a now destroyed civilization far, far away from where the main plot of AoT takes place, existed a town that was near carefree of Titans due to the high elevation they lived at, and their own walls which kept Titans out. However, the town was simply delaying the inevitable; the cold climate will eventually wipe them all out, both human and Titan alike, since the Titans in this region are incapable of withstanding the cold for extended periods, and each passing winter had been increasingly getting colder and colder, with no explanation as to why. Some villagers have reported seeing a Drake living within the mountain they called home, and there have also been reports of a Titan of greyish skin more adapted to the cold weather having been spotted within the walled off sections of the mountains. The weirdest part, though, was that despite the fact Titans could regenerate injuries of nearly any kind, this particular Titan had it's left eye torn out, and not once was this same Titan ever seen with a brand new left eye; all that remained of it now was an empty socket that had dried up blood covering that side of it's face. As a result, this Titan had been nicknamed "Blood Eye".

According to rumors, a very small, 3 foot tall human-like creature with the horns of a devil apparently confronted Blood Eye at one point. Whatever it was, it apparently mistook the Titan for a human, and asked if it could take the creature's eye for a prize and it would spare it's life. The Titan, whatever it was thinking, didn't appear to agree and simply stood there idly as if it didn't hear the small demon of sorts. As a result, a powerful, clawed wipe emerged from the demon's right hand, and forced destroyed the Titan's eyelids, and with a quick grasp from the whip-like weapon, it grabbed onto the Titan's left eye and bloodily tore it clean out of it's socket, causing the Titan to retreat into an unknown portion of the mountain range. The demon, seen very rarely by humans, was apparently in control of a Drake that was capable of breathing frost, and used the same exact whip weapon to keep the creature in control. What they didn't know, however, was that the demon, a humanoid entity named Fryz, and the Drake, actually a gigantic techno-organic Dinosaur-like creature based off of Chasmosaurus and Carnotaurus, are actually one in the same. Nobody would ever live to tell about it though since, as said, this town was effectively doomed from the start due to the natural climate.

When the "Drake" was seen outside in the open, Blood Eye was seen as well, and Blood Eye simply did not move from it's spot, and Titans that were directly outside of the walls suddenly stopped moving as if on cue. Within moments, the Drake let out a blast of frost breath at Blood Eye, but unlike other Titans, Blood Eye appeared much more resilient to the cold, and was capable of landing a punch on the Drake's face, which was surprisingly capable of stunning the Drake for a while despite the fact it was made of hi-tech metal from an unknown planet. That said, Blood Eye was not very much in a favorable match-up; Blood Eye, who is 16 meters tall, and the Drake (Fryz's Master Mode) is 22 meters tall. While Blood Eye was surprisingly agile for a Titan in this weather, Fryz was even more agile due to her semi-quadrupedal build. The only thing that Blood Eye had as an advantage was the fact that Fryz was completely oblivious to the nape of his neck being an instant kill on Blood Eye.

In their fight, Blood Eye and Fryz completely wrecked a majority of the village, until Fryz tackled Blood Eye down the mountainside and both of them crashed into the wall and tore a huge gap in it, allowing several other Titans to get in to eat the native humans while Blood Eye and Fryz continued their fight. Fryz, in desperation, activated her Blizzard Control, which intensified the cold climate of the region severely until almost everything was frozen alive, both human and Titan. 50 years later, Fryz had already left this universe and returned to her own, and within the walls of another civilization, a nomad with a heavily bandaged left side of his face was seen, having a pale skin color and claims to have originated from a land further north of this one. His story? He claims to have slain a Drake that froze the entire place over, and he had proof of that in the form of a tiny fragment of metal originating from Fryz that looked no different from a Drake's scale in shape. What happened to Blood Eye after this, nobody knows, but he appears to have lived the remainder of his life in this town until he passed away prior to the present of this timeline.

Dogma's Damnation

Due to Fryz's actions to him having been retconned out of the timeline, his existence was oddly not retconned out, but instead, immediately reincarnated into a different brand of giant monster and appearing as a native in The Blue Tri's universe. Currently in an unknown physical form, he is among the many giant sea monsters discovered in the oceanic trench 149 years prior to the present. Blood Eye's new form is that of a gigantic, Stone-like humanoid who, like his original incarnation, had his left eye torn out by force, but this time, by Tyrannox's Tyrant's Desolation beam attack when he first attacked Earth 50 years prior to the present.


  • Blood Eye having his eye brutally torn out is a reference to the boss fight with Insidious from Bayonetta 2, in which one of the attacks used against it involves Madama Butterfly brutally tearing out the Insidious's eye gorily from it's eye socket, which is almost identical to the technique used by Fryz to tear out Blood Eye's left eye.
  • Blood Eye's hair is actually longer than depicted in his picture, especially around the back, where it practically covers parts of his shoulders. His hair overall is meant to resemble Kargath Bladefist of World of Warcraft, since he is where some of the design influences of Blood Eye originates from, all the way down to the stone color skin and (Lore-wise) lengthy hair on his head.
  • Blood Eye's method of Titan Shifting, just like all other Titan Shifters, involve self harm to pull it off. Blood Eye, as another homage to Kargath as noted above, severs his own fist entirely to initiate his transformation into a Titan. Oddly enough, his hand regenerates each time he does this, but his left eye had never regenerated at all once it was torn out by Fryz.
  • The reason why his left eye never regenerated is because of an ice blight infection caused by Fryz; Fryz's icy touch outright halts regeneration in areas where she inflicts bleeding wounds. So long as the wound she inflicts bleeds, the injury will never regenerate through natural means. The characters who DO manage to have their body parts restored from Fryz's ice blight had all used artificial methods to restore their damaged bodies, whereas this kind of technology does not exist in the Attack on Titan universe.

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