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Blades (The Blue Tri)
Blades, the One of a Kind Velocilite
Alias Unknown
Origin Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive
Skills Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Goals Unknown

Blades is a one of a kind Velocilite; the only Velocilite ever known to Dinoid History to vary from the default green color palette, in that Blades is an Albino Velocilite. Any other evidence of other Albinos existing are practically non-existent in Dinoid history. In fact, the only reason why Blades is still alive in the present is because of the sheltered lifestyle he lived under Tyrannox's care. During his time with being raised, he learned a lot more about Velocilite history from his surrogate father and mentor than any other Velocilite would ever learn about their history, and as such, Tyrannox gave Blades many instructions to outright flee from Dinoid society should it ever look like Saideus is threatening the lives of either himself or Tyrannox, since both of them know without a doubt that Saideus would immediately try to kill Blades once Tyrannox is dead.


  • Strength: 7/10
  • Defense: 3/10
  • Speed: 15/10
  • Intelligence: Max/10
  • Loyalty: Max/10
  • Superpower Rank: Max/10
  • Taking charge: Max/10

Blades, due to his sheltered lifestyle, never had the chance to show Tyrannox early on what he is capable of. With the only item Blades knew from his childhood being a suit in the shape of an Avian and a piece of Ore that was mysterious to all, it's later revealed that, while physically weak, Blades gains the powers of a reality warper with the possession of a stone called "Magicium Ore", and with this mysterious stone, Blades is singlehandedly capable of rendering the supposed successors to the Velocilites, called Megalites, into outright extinction, and the sole reason he doesn't kill Saideus at the time is because Blades is keeping his promise to Tyrannox; Tyrannox shall ultimately be the one to kill Saideus in the end, not Blades. His intimidation speech towards Saideus, however, leaves him in enough of a nervous wreck that by the time Tyrannox is revived, Saideus has no means of defending himself from either Blades nor the super prototype body that Tyrannox now uses as his own. However, while many things going for Tyrannox can easily make him a true villain even if his actual reasoning for why he did such acts were because of his own high beliefs in trust and honesty, and that Tyrannox was effectively being lied to in such situations, Blades never really even tries to be the villain. Sure, he acts cruel to some of his former co-workers, but he has no choice but to kill any Dinoid that stumbles across his secret lab that isn't a Velocilite, because he knows a good majority of them are now loyal to Saideus, and due to his lack of resources to revive Tyrannox, he often brutally kills Saideus's followers in an ambush to use their hides and circuitry as parts to restore Tyrannox with, even going as far as to steal from Saideus's funds to purchase 3 tons worth of Magicium Ingots to fully craft Tyrannox Mk II's Omnigun weapon.


Having been living a sheltered life under Tyrannox's care for 300 years ever since he was first found in the middle of a desert as an infant with the remainder of his family already dead long before Tyrannox had arrived, to say Tyrannox found him just in time was an understatement; to this very day, Blades goes to extensive lengths as to how much he absolutely despises sunlight, to the point he acts like a stereotypical vampire in how he constantly avoids direct sunlight at all costs. However, he has no real issues with standing on a surface with no real atmosphere with heat even if sunlight is touching the location, leading to the fact some Dinoid species are capable of surviving in vacuum.

During the last 100 years of his life, he was nearly constantly hidden from the then ruling Saideus by Tyrannox, and Tyrannox gave Blades and important note of information, in which should it be obvious that Saideus poses a threat for either of them, he orders Blades to retreat to an isolated location and avoid Saideus at all costs. While it's clear that Blades winds up hiding himself on Earth in a forest on the outskirts of Scottsdale, Arizona (where the main plot takes place), it's obvious Blades's technological abilities not only allows him to build himself an entire laboratory, but he also has the ability to completely avoid all detection from Saideus, to the point Saideus believes Blades to be dead before Blades finally reveals he's still alive to him when the Megalites are first created with the intention of permanently replacing the Velocilites, which Blades would not allow to happen.

When Blades acquired the corpse of a Megalite, he later found one of his own Velocilite brethren dying as it stumbled across his lab. To showcase just how seriously twisted Saideus is, Blades puts the mind of the Velocilite into the body of the Megalite and brings it to function, as Blades gives a long rant and speech about Saideus's madness, such as how the Velocilites were once the true ruling Dinoid species, how everyone except Tyrannox showed no remorse to the Velocilites once they were overthrown, and the fact Saideus is basically committing genocide against the Velocilites ever since the leader directly before Tyrannox had already attempted to poison the Velocilites to death, which costed most of the Velocilite population to lose their abilities to speak and make them seem non-sapient as a result.

Once his comrade perishes out of sadness from the truth, Blades does everything he can to restore his comrade to life, but the Velocilite speaks that his life is meaningless, and if that any of Saideus's evil against all of the Dinoids is to stop, that Tyrannox must be revived no matter the cost, and that Blades should not waste resources on the dying Velocilite. However, the Velocilite gives Blades access to an Aeropteryx vehicle, which originally belonged to Blades, and Blades uses it to fly himself to his former home in the asteroid colonies to retrieve something he knows for sure will destroy the Megalites; Magicium Ore, an ore so powerful in nature that it gives the wielder of it magical abilities, and when the full army of Megalites begin to rush Scottsdale, Blades interrupts the fight between them and KeraMaster, and proclaims that while it is not normally his job to meddle with Saideus's plans like it is with Kerason/KeraMaster, that Saideus had gone too far by creating the Megalites, and that Blades will personally destroy all of the Megalites, before warning Saideus that he's only sparing him because he firmly believes Tyrannox shall still be the very Dinoid who kills Saideus in the end of the latter's days.

Blades isn't heard from again until Season 2, in which he appears before Pachidious and noted him saying how he can't return to Saideus in the state he's in, as Pachidious whines about how he's too young to die just as Blades was contemplating on killing him, from which Blades decides against it and brings Pachidious with him to his lab to give him a place to hide, and assures him that Saideus will soon fall. When another Dinoid, known as Spinobreaker, comes to Blades's lab, he's shown to be disloyal to Saideus, but also disloyal to Tyrannox, and thus with Pachidious by his side, both he and Blades tear apart Spinobreaker into scrap metal to utilize in Tyrannox's resurrection. When Tyrannox is revived, Pachidious, having never met Tyrannox before, bows before the T. rex turned Giganotosaurus type Dinoid, but Tyrannox tells Pachidious to save his flattery for somebody who truly deserves it, as Blades leads the charge into Saideus's personal throne on the Dinoid home world, both Blades and Pachidious demolishing the Megalites as Tyrannox Mk II simply charges down the larger sized threats with a plasma breath he now has access to.

When finally confronting Saideus, Saideus soon trembles in fear at the sight of Tyrannox Mk II, believing him to be some kind of god, as Tyrannox demonstrates his powers to Saideus by immediately killing him with the Omnigun weapon he now has, and in the light of the results, when Blades prompts all of the surrounding Dinoids to bow before Tyrannox, Tyrannox orders them not to bow before him... but to instead bow before Blades. Tyrannox had apparently been listening to Blades's monologuing during his stasis, and deems Blades truly worthy of being leader of the Dinoids; he proved everyone wrong with how nobody thought Blades would survive as an Albino, and yet everything he did just to revive his former master demonstrates that Blades is the ideal leader of the Dinoids. Feeling taken off guard, Blades wonders if it's a glitch in Tyrannox's mind that's causing him to say that, but Tyrannox reassures his servant turned master by stating his values of honesty all the while bowing before Blades, as soon the other nearby Dinoids begin to bow towards Blades in turn, with the surrounding crowd not in view chanting "All hail Blades!".

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