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Black Yoshi is an on and off villain and an anti-hero in SuperMarioLogan. He is one of Mario's best friends and Yoshi's cousin.

He was also the main antagonist in some videos.

He also appears in some Puppet Pals videos.


Black Yoshi is a gangster who ikes to play Call of Duty, drink Kool-Aid and eat KFC fried chicken. 

He is also the announcer for the SuperMarioLogan Theme Song.

Black Yoshi also calls Bowser "Boozer".


Black Yoshi is an extremely violent, homicidal, belligerent, and aggressive individual who kills people. He commits crimes and does other bad things.

Black Yoshi is shown to beg Mario for Call of Duty.

Despite being a flagitious and wicked criminal, he still has good intentions as he saved Mario from Peach attacking him and he treats Chef Pee Pee nicely and he is shown to be extremely nice to people until they make him angry.

He hates it when people touch his Call of Duty.


  • A ghost.
  • White Yoshi.

Xbox Live gamer tags

  • MidnightChocolate69 (formerly)
  • BlackerThanAfrica (formerly)
  • PurpleKoolAidInDaHood (currently)


  • In the SuperMarioLogan Theme Song, Black Yoshi appeared the longest.
  • Black Yoshi kills characters more than the other SML characters do.
  • Since Black Yoshi was forced to pay Child Support in Black Yoshi's in Trouble, It is possible that he has children. 
  • Although Yoshis are adorable, Black Yoshi is not adorable since he is a criminal.
  • His song is Not to cray by Huma Huma.
  • When Black Yoshi falls into the sewers along with Beer when the flood has been finished, that could be a reference to the 2016 musical Illumination film, Sing when Mike falls into the sewers when the flood has been finished.



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