Black Mask

Roman Sionis was the owner of an extremely successful chemical firm, Janus Cosmetics. As part of the process of hiring new staff, he would force male applicants into an abandoned office building, where they would fight each other with their bare hands and whatever office supplies they could get a hold of until one of them had come out on top. While the death of the opponent wasn't a condition, at least four men were killed in the fights. After one of the applicants is killed with a paper cutter and dumped at the Gotham docks, James Gordon and his partner Ellen Yin started investigating. They went to the Sionis Investment office and noticed that a lot of the workers had serious cuts and bruises. They talked to Sionis, who kept a collection of antique Japanese kabuki masks and swords in his office. When he started to get under Gordon's skin, the detectives became aggressive and Sionis asked them to leave.

Later, when Bruce went to investigate one of the buildings suspected of hosting the fights, Sionis knocked Bruce out and placed him in a fight with the remaining three applicants and offered a million dollars to whichever of them killed him while the firm's staff watched the fight on a TV in the office. When all the men failed due to Bruce's fighting skills, Sionis took a katana and his signature black mask and tried to kill Bruce himself, but was defeated as well and arrested by Yin who arrived at the scene.

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