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Black Dragoria
Black Dragoria.png
Alias Crow of Destruction
The Swarm of Death
White Tyrant (Exclusive to the "One of a Kind" specimen)
The Fallen (Exclusive to the "One of a Kind" specimen)
Origin Unknown
Occupation Stalker Destruction Overseer.
The Fallen God of Absolute Chaos (Exclusive to the "One of a Kind" specimen).
Status Permanently rendered Extinct since Neo Ultimorian Canon Arc 1.
Skills Eight limbs (Four legs, four wings).
Incredibly powerful forelimbs due to how much muscle and bone is located here due to the many wings.
Unrivaled flight speed.
Spatio-Blast Breath.
Incredibly powerful flight due to the four wings.
Absolutely brutish and near unstoppable when in big enough swarms.
"The Bloodhounds of Space"
Incredible intelligence and pack hunting behavior.
Hive mind with others of their kind connected by the much rarer female specimens.
Hobby Unknown
Goals To bring about death and destruction wherever they go.
To execute any target they are ordered to kill by the "One of a Kind" Black Dragoria.
You think I actually CONTROL this race of demons?! Are you mad?!?! Nobody, NOTHING controls these ancient abominations. It was the glorified wyvern's fault these creatures run rampant once more. They were obliterated by Oblivion back in the old days to ensure they would rampage no longer... but Oblivion is long gone, and not a single one of us wants him back. The only reason we would ever even consider reviving him would be to claim his absolution extinction power to ensure this species stays dead for good! Believe me, you can pray all you want for me to stop them... they don't listen to anyone... they may even know that you're here talking with me right this moment... Do you realize what may potentially happen if I were killed by a swarm of these creatures...?
~ Dragora Galaxia, vaguely implying that if these creatures destroy him, the end of all existence would begin...

Not one species had ever been known to defy Dr. Devoniak's enslavement... until this beast re-evolved into the Neo Ultimorian Canon. Only in prehistoric Ultimoria had these abominations of a Draconid had ever been seen in their peaks; they are THE Apex Predator of the entire Ultimorian Universe, and any and all who dared defied them became their prey for challenging their roles as the unstoppable hunters of the universe. Having populated their numbers all across space-time in Ultimoria, they exist to drive those who believe they are the most feared back into their proper places. This abomination of a Draconid, a species called the "Black Dragorias", is the reason why Chimera had willingly sealed himself in ice; he was responsible for recreating this extinct species, and this was the very last of the Old Ultimoria species brought back to life... for good reason. Out of all of the Ultimorian predators, this species would tear apart any Dinoid without question, because of the fact they are omnivores to extreme levels and will eat practically anything that so much as moves. Chimera, had he tried to force them into obeying him, would've only been swarmed by these creatures at a later date and killed brutally by an gigantic swarm of these Demi-Gods from the Voids of Space. Not a single creature dared take on one of these beasts if they knew what they were... only the most stupid of predatory animals would dare stand up to these Apex Predators, and those which do will soon be Endangered or Extinct at worst if they provoke an entire swarm of them all at once...

The Black Dragoria species is the reason the Ultimorian Black-List is called that, and they are also the very first creature alive to ever be placed onto the Black-List. For those unaware, the Black-List is a list of beings or creatures who are to be terminated at all costs whenever spotted, and must be obeyed at all costs. However, the Black Dragoria are unique in that when the Black-List was first created, instead of attempting to destroy these creatures, the order given was to flee at all costs and never turn back to see if they're still after you or not. Due to their re-evolved status, the Black-List was given an alternate counterpart solely to place these demonic Draconids in; the fittingly titled Death-List. The Death-List basically gives a code just like the original, Black Dragoria exclusive Black-List from ages ago, but this time, the order is different. You are to run and hide, never seek shelter, never seek out your own kind, and isolate yourself as far as possible from the rest of your own species and avoid your own natural environment at all costs. Evacuation of an area is not an option; it is a direct order by Ultima and Grandis because, unlike the past Black Dragorias, the re-evolved species is beyond Omnicidal in nature, and will do whatever it takes to feast on everything and anything that so much as moves. Many have begged for Dragora Galaxia to stop these creatures from rampaging, thinking that the Black Dragorias were ruled by him; all they got was mocking laughter from Dragora Galaxia, and before they had realized it, the Black Dragorias emerged from nowhere and managed to caught up with those who sought out the Ultimorian Deity for help...


They are a pitch black in coloration for their scales; not a single shed of light ever pierces their hides, and the only light visible from these creatures are their red, soulless eyes of madness and destruction. They are unique as Draconids for their body layout; they have eight limbs, which results in four legs, and four wings. The front limbs are very powerful and durable, meaning the entire torso is heavily armored as a result of having joints connecting the forelegs, and the four wings at this particular spot of the body, making these demons very front heavy in build. Their wings and legs all have five digits to their structure, and they are very powerful at grabbing hold of structures that would otherwise not support a creature of their size or unique build. When their eyes are shut, they disappear into thin air; their body becomes so dark they turn invisible as a result of their eyes being closed, hinting their eyes being open are all what keeps them visible to begin with. Their body, overall, is plated in spiky armor, and their tails are barbed with poisonous, and explosive, spikes which can be hurled at targets like with the force of shield piercing missiles. Their heads are a hideous combination of a beak-like exterior to their jaws with many teeth in their jaws of varying kinds for tearing apart various types of prey with.

To determine Gender, only the Males have a head crest, which resembles those of Pteranodon, and females lack head crests entirely. Their wings, due to their structure, have the wings structured differently based on which wing is the lower or upper wing, as both wings function very differently from the other when in flight, which can either allow them to fly with four, powerful flapping motions, or with a speedy glide which has both wings tucked together. The lower wings are also noteworthy in that they can actually grasp the ground like an additional set of legs if they are truly needed in such a fashion, which is primarily when they rear up, and can also aide in grasping hold of objects they perch on. Despite being 100 foot long behemoths with 255 foot wingspans, they actually weigh very little, and thus is the reason they are capable of perching on the structures they land on at all.


The Black Dragoria are a difficult species to bring up about in just about any subject all across existence. It is hated by the scientific community for being biologically implausible. It is hated by religious groups for being so extremely violent in nature to where even a specific religion's demons have more honor than they do. It is hated by the various Deities of Ultimoria and other universes as well because there are few and far between methods of finding a way to keep the species alive and not have them pose any problems in the long run, thus leading to the only solution to keep balance is to outright destroy them at any chance available. Even among the Draconids and Dragonkin, they are often called various other things instead of a Draconid because of their monstrous nature being more befitting of a Satanic monster than a true, honorable or even disgraceful Draconid species. There is also the fact that, for a short time, they were considered "Villain Sues" until further experiments deemed them unfitting of the category, and that was only because of how exactly their hive mind truly functions as a whole and how they are completely incapable of acting separate from another. Overall, the Black Dragoria species is a very hated species in-universe and out.

Status as villains

Many villains, be it from Ultimoria or not, consider the Black Dragoria species to have committed the absolute greatest crime; perfection. While this is a common belief, this is not entirely true, though there are reasons they believe this to begin with. The species seems to be far too successful in their goals, yes... but they rely so heavily on strength in numbers that a lone specimen is actually incredibly timid and easy to panic, and if separated from the "hive" long enough, will eventually fall into a coma and die. This was discovered by Dr. Devoniak when he had captured a specimen of the species, and discovered their TRUE flaws as a villain; they are far too specialized to simply throw massive numbers of their own kind at targets to even remotely function as a separate individual anymore. In short, they are effectively completely controlled by their various hive mind links scattered across the entire female population of the species.

The only specimen of the species to seem anywhere near perfect, however, is the "Fallen God" that is the "One of a Kind" Black Dragoria. This Black Dragoria, unlike all of the rest of it's species, can live perfectly in isolation... but at a cost; the rest of it's species hates it to death, for the simple fact it is an Albino. It is not explained why the Albino Black Dragoria was born the way it was, or how it survived for as long as it did, but it is widely unheard fact about Ultima's siblings that most people are unaware of that drives the point home about what exactly it is; it is actually the sixth, deceased sibling out of Ultima, Zenith, Dogma, Kagubot, and Granjia.

It was long believed to had died before it was properly created when "The Invincible One", their shared father, had disappeared before the creation of the Albino Black Dragoria's original form was properly completed. As a result, what became of the non-fully developed individual had it transformed into a mindless killing machine in the form of "the most notorious species alive or extinct", which in this context would be the Black Dragoria species as a whole, and thus it took the form of a Black Dragoria Albino. However, it is completely unknown whether the Albino part of it's description has any significance outside of identification. For the moment, it is considered a symbolic status that this specimen, an Albino, is also the only specimen of the species that does not suffer from the hive mind problem that the rest of the species has, nor is it actually connected to said hive mind.

Status as Draconids

Draconids and Dragonkin alike do not like to call the Black Dragorias as actual Draconids even though that is technically what they are. Their insatiable thirst for violence, death, and destruction causes them to be referred to as either demons or flat out monsters rather than a true Draconid. Not only that, but the species acts so bizarre due to their overly crippling hive mind specialization that they cannot function as individuals, which is something a true Draconid would have no problem with whatsoever. A true Draconid, honorable or not, is considered a being so powerful that they can function all by themselves with minimal help from others. The Black Dragoria, by comparison, are compared to but mindless soldier ants in comparison due to how they behave in comparison to a true Draconid. Even the Dragonkin, the humanoid species of Draconids, consistently refer to the Black Dragorias as demons because of the fact the Dragonkin have an instinctual hatred of anything with more than 6 limbs due to a certain somebody the Black Dragoria are named after to begin with.

Fatal Flaw/Weaknesses

The Black Dragoria absolutely CANNOT function as a separate individual by any means; they so heavily rely on their hive mind connection that a single specimen will quickly die if they are isolated from it. Dr. Devoniak, in his several attempts to enslave a specimen of the species, had forcefully wounded them to prevent the hive mind from being connected to his captured specimens; they all perished regardless of what Dr. Devoniak did within less than an hour of going absolutely insane and mad from the isolation. The species's minds are noted as being so completely insane and shattered that even with their hive mind, they rely so heavily on such huge numbers in attacks that even with that, they are still flawed in their attacks because they are not utilizing their full potential; they need to be in swarms bigger than 100 million individuals to even have the intelligence they are claimed to have.

They are also noted as being able to be completely wiped out should the "prime" specimen of their species be destroyed; the Albino Black Dragoria. The Albino Black Dragoria is the only specimen of the species which can function all by itself and stay sane, but that is because it's purpose is to remain as hidden as possible and relies so heavily on stealth to stay alive. While it is true that it is a fallen god, it had been stripped of many of it's aspects of godhood long ago. The only reason it has stayed alive for as long as it did prior to near the end of Arc 1 of the Neo Ultimorian Canon is because of the fact the Albino Black Dragoria was smart enough to stay out of range of extremely devastating attacks (from Oblivion) or avoid causing trouble to where it would've been eliminated (from Dogma's Damnation).


Old Ultimoria

The Black Dragoria once existed as servants of Dragora Galaxia, the Old Dragora Galaxia, in his prime days, until they eventually decided he was no longer fit to rule over them anymore, and thus they decided to not only destroy him, but everything else alongside with him at all costs. Why? Nobody knows, but the species, by this point, have proven themselves to be nothing short of monstrous to encounter because of not just the fact a single specimen alone is powerful in it's own right, the species's infamous hive mind nature and swarming tendencies are what truly bring destruction to whoever draws their attention the most. They are also famous for gathering in massive numbers at a specific event in history and just doing nothing but wait:

They're just... perched there... all over the place... they outnumber us already... and yet... they don't do anything... Why...???
~ A terrified witness of the beginning of a Black Dragoria swarming.

By the time Oblivion had enough of the chaos that Ultimoria was causing, and before his degeneration into a lazy jackass who wanted nothing more than to keep Ultimoria imprisoned and without function, Oblivion eradicated the species by rebirthing the whole universe with his destructive demise by forcing the Black Dragorias to target him, and when they did, they became destroyed, all the while Oblivion lived to tell about their destruction and extinction. Oblivion thought he had rendered it impossible to recreate the species by any means... until the future Era formed a surprise in the form of a Dinoid with an extreme death wish arrived onto the scene long after Oblivion himself was no more...

Neo Ultimorian Canon

They were terrorized from a small, primordial species of Lizard from the Late Cretaceous, until the impending Asteroid collision suddenly went against Chimera's original intentions; instead, he began to recreate a species which should have never been brought back. By 2 million years ago, Chimera found himself stalked throughout the cosmos. Chimera did not realize what species he had re-evolved by this point, but even without seeing them, he knew he should never approach them. However, conflict was too late to avoid, and thus Chimera froze itself into a cryostasis, temporarily killing himself, to prevent himself from being targeted by the impending Black Dragoria. The Black Dragoria never actually left this precise location, though; they made a giant nest around this spot, and they would follow anywhere Chimera went should he ever choose to wake up...

SAO: Code Black 1.5

The story opens up with an entire naval fortress at sea completely obliterated by the Albino Black Dragoria, and this is revealed later on to be a vision by Jormungandr as a warning of what will happen if Gabriel does not surrender himself to justice and continues his attack on the Ocean Turtle, to where the Black Dragorias will raid the entire facility in search of the crippled Kazuto; if Kazuto is not capable of fighting and functioning in real life by the time the Albino finally arrives, they will all be destroyed. To enforce Gabriel's punishment, Jormungandr places an incredible barrier around the Ocean Turtle that prevents him or any of his forces from escaping, leaving them effectively trapped until they manage to solve the Black Dragoria crisis. Jormungandr's reasoning for not helping them out is because not only do the Black Dragoria know his weaknesses, but they are apparently ONLY after Gabriel and Kazuto, and the latter is only because of his current condition.

As the story progresses, Zenith approaches the cast as his "Stranger" identity, and offers to heal Kazuto's body and mind back to perfect health in exchange for a soul of Zenith's choosing. Everybody, unaware that Zenith is actually a demonic entity instead of an AI or man-made being, agrees to the deal, as Zenith promptly heals Kazuto as he had promised, all the while his various demon hands grasp hold of Gabriel and dragged him away... but not the Infernal Void. Zenith, realizing Gabriel's obsession with souls, forcefully uses his soul as bait for the Albino Black Dragoria so that he alone could smite the Alpha on his own. The Black Dragoria hive soon begins to form around the skies, as everybody in the ocean turtle facility is getting ready to fend them off, as by the time Kazuto is in a military jet, he is the first to spot the Albino Black Dragoria descending from the heavens, as the hive begins to suddenly go into a frenzy and panic as they attack at random intervals at the Ocean Turtle.

The Albino Black Dragoria, taking the bait from Zenith with Gabriel's soul, ends up absorbing Gabriel's soul to allow Gabriel to control it's own body, and Gabriel, as the Albino Black Dragoria, suddenly goes made with the new-found power he has, and actually manages to strike down Zenith's attempts to kill him. Kazuto, within the military jet, opens fire on the Albino Black Dragoria with armor piercing missiles, as the Albino takes heavy recoil from the attack, which allow several other jets time to bombard the Albino Black Dragoria with heavy artillery, as the Albino removes Gabriel's soul from his mind and simply tosses him back into a weak, mortal body and flies off into space, but not before utilizing Jormungandr's trap set up earlier to completely negate Zenith's movements in this area.

With the battle over, the Black Dragoria flee the scene, and Gabriel is put into prison alongside his own corporation, and Kazuto and a few others are finally allowed to go home. Grandis and Ultima remark how Jormungandr's efforts have made it so that not even a single casualty had occurred during this particular incident, and that the Black Dragorias may be a tenacious species, but they now know they have a means to counter them after all. With Kazuto and Asuna back home at last, their newfound time for peace will allow them to prepare for the triumphant return of an old enemy reborn via a drone...

The Blue Tri Chapter 38: Divine Light

While Chimera is freed by a trespassing individual who sought out Chimera's power, he did not know he was being watched, although he felt the feeling of such, as he left the cavern as Chimera made his escape. The cavern soon light up with the glowing, red eyes of the Black Dragoria hidden in the shadows, before they shut their eyes since now was not the time for their entry; all they did was send out a single female unit to track Chimera's location at all costs, but to not intervene until the time was right...

By the end of the Chapter, Chimera, having been brutally beaten down by Mirror M and the various Dinoid protagonists, is still managing to stay alive via tapping into the powers of a species he recreated... but he himself did not know where this power came from, and left him completely baffled for a moment. The demonic, crow-like sound that pierced the silence made it clear what was soon to happen; the female Black Dragoria had been watching him this whole time... and she was not alone...

Dragora... You said the Black Dragoria don't gather anywhere near this particular galaxy... Why are they here at this very moment...?!?!
~ MegaloGrandis in a state of panic upon noticing the incoming swarm of Black Dragorias.

Without further warning, Mirror M transformed into Phase 5 Infinity-grade Dragozaur and teleported all of the protagonists out of the area; the swarm, without any other warning, suddenly flew in towards the defenseless Chimera, who had found himself robbed of his ability to feign death again, and this time is mauled by the gigantic swarm of demonic Draconids.

The White Shadow

Albino Black Dragoria

The "One Of A Kind" Black Dragoria.

Blades, during his rule over the Dinoids, soon began to realize a discovery he made which he should've never learned; the Black Dragorias are hiding somewhere in this galaxy, but they're acting openly hostile and unprovoked all because... something... is causing them to panic and enter a permanent rage mode, and it appeared to be a moving white hole. Blades, upon zooming in with the scanners, detected the anomaly in question wasn't a cosmic event, but a living creature; the one of a kind, Legendary Albino Black Dragoria, which was thought to have only occurred once before in all of Ultimorian History. Oblivion's voice, for the first and only time in the Neo Canon, could finally be heard; he voices his outright fear that out of all of the species he had made extinct, he had actually FAILED to render the Black Dragoria species extinct, all because of the fact an Albino specimen actually was out of range unlike the rest of the species. The specimen was incapable of breeding, and acted completely separated from the Black Dragoria as a whole, and the very reason it exists is unknown; an ordinary Albino would've been mauled upon birth by the other Black Dragorias, but this particular Albino instead caused them to divert their attention towards everything else in absolute panic and fury.

The Albino Black Dragoria, eventually learned to be the "Unconquerable Alpha" of the Black Dragoria, is the very reason why the Black Dragoria are a threat to begin with; this is the actual specimen they've been taking orders from the entire time, and the very one who keeps the species alive. Blades, in a question of life or death for all of the Dinoids, takes a huge risk for the sake of all of the Ultimorian Universe; he activates Amphigoliath once more, and contacts Ultima to loan him "Absolute Power" to Amphigoliath's nasal cannon. Ultima did not know why he asked of this to begin with... until Blades simply redirected the readings of the Albino Black Dragoria's presence, and all Grandis or any other Ultimorian Deity in the same room could do was arrive directly on the scene and hyper charge Amphigoliath's nasal cannon to prepare to eliminate the Black Dragoria once and for all.

The Albino Black Dragoria, however, anticipated this reaction, and thus orders the swarm of Black Dragorias to attack Amphigoliath and everybody on board. However, this did not end up stopping Amphigoliath from firing the "Absolution Destroyer" at the Albino Black Dragoria. Upon impact, the Albino Black Dragoria seemed to actually be able to survive the blast... until Dragora Galaxia pulled off a risky move by transforming into Kagugora and ordering every single soul to have ever existed or made contact with Ultimoria to open fire at the Albino Black Dragoria, and thus, with the power of existence itself all combined into one, gigantic energy beam, the Albino Black Dragoria was finally destroyed. Upon destruction, the entire swarm of Black Dragorias explodes into cosmic dust, and with the Albino long gone, the rest of the species went with it.

Design Notes

The Black Dragorias were originally intended to be the Final Antagonists of the planned Arc 3, but it was decided that they be terminated during Arc 1 since they were deemed far too overpowered as it was to keep them around for any longer than than a shorter storyline or simple cameos. They were so powerful that their appearances are very limited to where they only appear as mentioned in passing, cameoing in The Blue Tri, and being destroyed outright in a sidestory for The Blue Tri; every other appearance was nothing more than backstory only, because these creatures were meant to be the most powerful non-sapient species ever evolved in Ultimorian History. However, their actual level of power is frequently exaggerated compared to what it really is; they rely so heavily on strength in numbers that a lone specimen is often incredibly panicky and reckless to the point a lone specimen is far, FAR easier to kill. The only reason the Albino Black Dragoria is any different is because the Albino Black Dragoria was a fallen Deity trapped in the form of a savage monstrosity.

While they are notoriously powerful, they are only considered as threatening as they are for a single reason; their ability to breed quickly and swarm entire individuals like no tomorrow. It is this factor alone as to why they are the huge threat they are in the flashbacks that detail about their existence.

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