the story begins more with Birthday Boy Blam, the little guy with the pizza hat.
~ jonochrome in the developer commentary of ONAF1
Birthday Boy Blam (abbreviated as BBB) is the secondary antagonist of One Night at Flumpty's. He has an obsession with pizza. Like Flumpty, he is also incredibly violent. His behaviour is similar to that of Chica's from Five Nights at Freddy's, as they both come from the right door, but also like Freddy, as they both follow a pattern around the place.


Birthday Boy Blam is a male with a rectangular prism for a head. On the cameras, he has a rather simple appearance and face. His face is composed of two dots with a simple line for a mouth. However, on CAM 2B, he holds a smoking pipe and wears a black monocle, a top hat over his party hat, a bow tie, and suspenders. As explained by Jonochrome, this is when he is replaced by "Kevin Jr", despite a lack of a "Kevin Sr".

When he is at the right door, his face changes drastically. Both of his eyes are wider and dark while his face bears a wide smile that shows a large number of sharp teeth.


When he is jumpscaring the player, Birthday Boy Blam's face has completely changed and is covered by black and grey holes. He still has sharp teeth, but much less than when he is at the door.


Birthday Boy Blam is first seen sitting with Flumpty on CAM 1. Upon becoming active, he stands up and stares at the camera. He then moves to CAM 4 and follows the path to CAM 2B before moving to the right door of the Office.

The player must close the right door if they see Birthday Boy Blam at the door. Not doing so will cause him to jumpscare the player, regardless of whenever the monitor is up or not.

Like Flumpty, he's rather active and keeps moving until the end of the night


  • He is usually the second antagonist to move, and his set path and appearance at the right door makes him quite similar to Chica, but his jumpscare trigger is different, as it is activated randomly, making him also similar to Freddy Fazbear.
  • When the right door is not closed when he is there, he will randomly attack, just like Freddy when the power is on. However, he will only enter the office when the player is looking at the camera.
  • Birthday Boy Blam is the only antagonist that appears in the right door blind spot.
  • Judging by his hat, it's believed his favorite food is most likely pizza.
  • When Birthday Boy Blam is on Cam 2B, He is dressed in fancy clothes. This is a reference to Johnochrome's Flumpty Bumpty comics, where BBB had a version of him from the future, or Kevin Jr, who always wears fancy clothes.
  • His jumpscare may be a reference to trypophobia, a fear of holes, as he has numerous holes on his face during the jumpscare.
  • Even though there is a Kevin Jr., There is no Kevin Sr. This has been stated by Jonochrome himself on his Dev commentary of the first game.
  • according to a poll called "who is your favorite character?", it has been noted that Birthday boy blam is the most famous character in the series.
  • In jonochrome's flumpty comics, birthday boy blam is the main protagonist of the comic, as stated by jonochrome in the developer commentary of ONAF1.

in one night at flumpty's 2

Birthday Boy Blam is an antagonist in One Night at Flumpty's 2.


Birthday Boy Blam is similar to Flumpty in One Night at Flumpty's 2. But, instead of hesitating for 2 seconds, he pops in the hallway immediately, and then will jumpscare the player if the exposure meter fills up to maximum when he is in the hallway. 

In the second game, he starts in CAM 6, and isn't active until 1 AM. he will then travel the area, making a circle from CAM 6 to CAM 3 to CAM 7 before coming to The Office.


Birthday Boy Blam has pretty much the same appearance from the first game. Though his head seems to have a purple-ish tint to it, this may just be lighting.

When in the hallway, Blam will appear with sharp teeth and menacing and big eyes.


When jumpscaring the player, Birthday Boy Blam appears to grasp for the player, similar to Flumpty. His eyes are shiny red, with a circular mouth with the teeth from when he's in the hallway, only more tentacle-like. His teeth seem to be curving back into his mouth when he gets closer to the player, but it may be an optical illusion.


  • When Birthday Boy Blam is on CAM 7 in his second pose before entering The Office, he turns into kevin jr once again.
  • Blam is one of the two characters that shares one of the jumpscare noises in the 2nd game. The other character that shares this is Flumpty.
  • Boy Blam's set path appears to go in a circle type pattern in the 2nd game.

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