Billy Morgan (a.k.a Billie227) is the unseen, later revealed hacker of Laura's skype account, and the main antagonist of the horror film Unfriended and its sequel titled Unfriended II: Revealing the Secret, along with its prequel titled Unfriended: The Origin.

The Complete Story

Unfriended: The Origin

He was born in 2001 (presumably during the 9/11 attacks, caused by the infamous George Bush) from an abusive family. On his 18th birthday, he decided to murder his father for revenge from not giving his computer back. After he did this, nobody arrested him. 12 years later, he gained supernatural powers to kill Laura Barns. He then posted all the anonymous internet videos in style by wearing a black hoodie, light brown pants and Jordans. It helped him do his sinister work in style. And after he was finished, he was ready to do it to his victims from the future (foreshadowing the events of the original Unfriended).

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