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Berokaye Aerowind
Alias Berokay the Storm, Windy Prophet of Madness, the King of Spinning Rise (self-proclaimed), Windy Knight, Servant of Demerlot, Silver Knight, the Prophet of Sky, the Prophet of Air, the Heartless Wind and hundreds more
Origin Unknown
Occupation Leader of the Cult of the Windy Sorrow
Status Formerly deceased (killed by his own feather blades) and later revived as an undead
Skills Flying, aerokinesis
Hobby Unknown
Goals Be the ruler of the Spinning Rise and bring back the age of Chaotic Grand Duke Demerlot; purge the land with sheer brute force
Suffocate? You want to suffocate me? You don't know what suffocation like... yet. I WILL SHOW YOU SUFFOCATION FOR I AM KING OF THE SPINNING RISE!
~ Berokaye's Breakdown
Berokay Aerowind, or more commonly known as Berokaye the Storm, is one of the formost antagonists of NGC fan's crossover stories. He serves as one of the (if not the) primary antagonists of Hallowvia storyline. As the founder the Cult of Windy Sorrow, he is the worshiper of Demerlot, the evil Grand Duke of Chaotic Air, and also a follower of Chaosta the Ancestor of Chaos, the series' hidden primary antagonist. He made his debut in Air of Demerlot as the main antagonist, later revived and appears in many stories.

All about the Cult of Windy Sorrow

There is no calm wind in the Spinning Rise. There is only me, the King of Spinning Rise. They call this place "Spinning Rise", and I call here my place. What you see, what you know, and what you tell are all from the vulgar Earth. Earth is a place of dirt. Therefore, bow to us if you know the power of the air. If you don't, we'll take you down like air pollutants.
~ Berokaye the Storm's famous quote
The Cult of Windy Sorrow, led by the old and vile Berokaye the storm, is a group of air cultists that worship Demerlot and attemt to purge the land with sheer brute force. They despise the earthly world and also creatures on land. The army is formed by evil aeromancers, evil air elemetals, cloud giants and a vast, brutal blue dragon that feeds on thunderbolts.

This air cult rule Spinning Rise for centuries, attempted to find ancient relics underground and used them to conquer the whole continents. They believed they are purging "sins on land", but in fact, they are changing the whole Pure Land into a land full of storm, hatred, sorrow and war. They also plunder the fresh air. What is more, they even having dark desires to destroy mortal human by using massive storms and thunderstorms, regarding human as air polluters. In their delusional belief, when Demerlot, the evil Grand Duke of Chaotic Air, returned from somewhere, he will purge the "filth" and make the universe "full of clean air".

- Written by Dame Perry Lin; from the official documents inside the Order of Danse Macabre's own archive


At that time, all of a sudden Evan felt strange and feared. He had never had a dream of being drifted by air itself before. A dark, void and fairly sinister voice, calling "Come and see", appears from the sky. And at that time, Evan saw that sinister eye of Berokaye the Storm.
~ Evan Black and Bane White, Volume 1


Early Life

Air of Demerlot

Warriors of Gems

Evan Black and Bane White

Norsa Crisis

All-Hallow Era

Taste the sorrow, fleshes on the ground. It is your fault to mess with the Spinning King, so you must suffer from the consequence!
~ Berokaye
Berokaye appears in All-Hallow Era: Storm of Thunder as the primary antagonist.

Army of Blackgold

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