Baron Bedlam

Baron Bedlam was the ruler of Markovia thanks to father. Bedlam was a sociopath willing to get whatever he wanted since he was a government leader. One time, Bedlam picked up an attractive young woman at a café, giving her a choice between sex with him and imprisonment. The woman shattered a bottle on his head and cut him deeply over the left side of his face causing Bedlam to hang her for this. Bedlam was eventually able to take over Gotham City and the United States of America in the future when Markovia and that country were fighting over fossil fuels. A constant thorn in Bedlam's side was the future Batman Terry McGinnis and his mentor Damian Wayne. Once Bedlam learned who Damian's biological father was, he hired the bounty hunter Skip Trace to back into time and kill the teenage Bruce Wayne. Fortunately, Bruce was rescued by Atom, Rip Hunter, Hawk Girl, Heat Wave, Captain Cold, White Canary, and Professor Martin Stein. Bruce teamed up with them when Baron Bedlam ordered Skip Trace to steal a stone that Professor Carter Nicholas found that could transport people into any timeline they want. Bruce and Hawk Girl ended up travelling to the future with Skip Trace by mistake when they the superhero team Rip Hunter formed were fighting Skip Trace in Dent Industries. Bruce was able to find Hawk Girl in the end and help the future Justice League members overthrow Bedlam and his empire. Bruce was sent back to his timeline by the older versions of Static and Gear, however his mind was erased of the entire event that happened.


He’s a megalomaniac and a sociopath who wants to be absolute lord and master of someplace, so he can do whatever he wants without any consequences. Since he has a score to settle against Markovia and thinks it profoundly unfair that his father was deposed, Markovia it is — it is also quite small, which makes it an excellent target for his power lust.

Bedlam is clever, ruthless, manipulative and charismatic, and obviously behaves like a confident man who is used to being in a position of authority. He seemed to greatly admire Adolf Hitler, and to have a severe case of nostalgia for Nazi and Fascist regime

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