Baraxhann is the anti-hero turned supporting antagonist in Jade Lords season 1, the main antagonist of season 2, and the (former) secondary antagonist in season 3. He is a high-ranked member of the devil's alliance and the leader of it's ironblade assasins. He later becomes the lietuant of Azam's army, and eventually redeems himself, killing Azam himself.


Season 1

He was at first seen arguing with Zen about stealing the throne, telling him it is not the right act in this time. As a result, he got stabbed by Zen, as his people took him to the right hand woman of the devil's allience, Queen Savjainor. Savjainor told him that if he starts rudely going against his own alliance like that, the consequence is dying in disgrace of his own alliance. Then, he left the alliance, seeking to revenge them with the help of the sunwillow tribe prince Vince Odaemor. He informed Vince about the plans regarding the devil's allience, preparing him for battle. Later, he howled like a wolf to call his assasins, and asked them to kill Vince, and replace him on the thrown. The mission succeeded, as he became ruler of the sunwillow tribe, and declared war on the golden kingdom. However, the golden king Jaseem Bamudara invaded the sunwillow tribe before the battle, and killed each of the assasins, leaving Baraxhann to retreat.

Season 2

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Season 3

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