• Note: This is fan fiction of the real world villains. Nothing of this is real or about to happen in reality.
Bao Bành

Bao Bành is the prime president of Venezuala since March 2027, a member of The Global Zarian Organization and the leader of The New Dictator Order (NDTO). During "the great Zarian invasion" (2025-present/2030) he supported the Zarian leader Clonge Basarmann , in the attempt to attack with nuclear weapons some cities in Venzualla, and convert his kingdom to a Zarian state.


Prior to 2027

He was expelled from Venezuala as being a rebel and a troublemaker. In 2027, in the age of 28, he came back with a mercenary army, and joined by other rebels, and after the battle where they fought and conquered the Venezualan leadership, he took over the parlament, and declared himself the ruler, and then elected himself as president.

2027 Battle on Venezualla

In the beginning, he promised to create more opportunities for his people. He created the red cape army.

He banned all other political parties, and any opposition group who spoke up against him. All opposition leaders were gaoled, and some were tortured. He then made a famous speech in the Venezuallian parlament, declaring to all the world that from hencefourth Venezualla would be a dictatorship.

Battle with Colombia

2028 Television Raid 

After Bao installed himself as the ruler and dictator of Venezualla, he then set his sights on neighboring Columbia.

He decided to take over by force the drug trade and the mineral wealth of Columbia.

Bao then summonses his troops from the red cape military and adresses them as well as appearing on national television, stating that he intends Colombia to "bleed it's wealth".

Alliance with The Zarians

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2030 Bombing

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