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Bai Tza is a demonic sorcerer in the Character What Sega, Bai Tza is a water demon and a villain from the Jackie Chan Adventures.

Character What: Hero Force

Bai Tza returns in The Rise of the Demon Sorcerers, It is reveal that Shadow Aaron used his power to unseal the portals and free Bai Tza and the other Demon Sorcerers from the Netherworld. Bai Tza along with the other Demon Sorcerers were attacks the city of China.

Character What: Power of the Hero

In Elemental Battle, Bai Tza join with Shadow Aaron and the other villains with water powers, To have a battle against Shadow Joe and the other heroes with water powers.

Character What: Ultimate Hero

In Never beat the Tide, Bai Tza transform into a water wave with her face merge it and attempt to attack Minnie Mouse while she was surfing on the water, but lucky Shadow Joe manage to Minnie from being devour by the Water Demon. Bai Tza have Ursula working with her.

Character What: Friendship is Magic

In Female Club, Bai Tza along with Po Kong were part of the "Female Club" When Shadow Joe ask Bai Tza and Po Kong what they were doing in the "Female Club", Bai Tza angrily grab Shadow Joe with one her tentacles and tell him that they wasn't causing any trouble.

Powers and Abilities

Bai Tza possesses water-based powers, She also possesses demonic magic.

  • Merfolk Physiology: Bai Tza's appearance resembles to a demonic mermaid and has tentacle-like hair.
  • Naga Physiology: Bai Tza's appearance also resembles to a naga.
  • Conjuration: Bai Tza can use spells to summon water floods.
  • Water Mimicry: Bai Tza can turn her entire body into solid water.
    • Hydrokinetic Invisibility: Bai Tza can become invisible in the water while being solid water.
    • Hydrokinetic Intangibility: Bai Tza can turn herself into solid water to pass through things.
    • Hydrokinetic Regeneration: Bai Tza is able to reform while being solid water.
    • Hydrokinetic Shapeshifting: While Bai Tza is solid water, She can manipulate her shape.
  • Hydrokinesis: Bai Tza can control the elemental water.
    • Tidal Wave Generation: Bai Tza can create gigantic tidal waves.
    • Whirlpool Generation: Bai Tza can create whirlpools.
    • Water Generation: Bai Tzi can fire powerful water blasts.
    • Water Ball Projection:
  • Frictionless Skin: Bai Tza possesses the natural flexibility to slink through attacks with ease.
  • Speed Swimming: Bai Tzi can swim at incredibly speeds in the water.
  • Underwater Breathing: Due being the water demon, Bai Tza can breath and survive underwater.
  • Prehensile Tentacles: Bai Tza can extend her tentacles and can use they to hold things.
  • Prehensile Tail: Bai Tza can use her tail to draw a symbol that will allow her to use a spell to summon water.
  • Flight: Like most Demon Sorcerers, Bai Tza can fly into the air, but she can only fly in the Demon World.
  • Slithering: Bai Tza is able to move fast by slithering.
  • Air Swimming:
  • Immortally: Like all Demon Sorcerers, Bai Tza live forever and is unable to die.
  • Demonic Magic: Like all Demon Sorcerers, She possesses knowledge of magic.


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