Name バハムート (Bahamūto)

Specialty Non-elemental

Attack firma Megaflare

First appearance Final Fantasy

“Conqueror of the heavens , Bahamut is known by various names: The dragon, Divine creator , Sire supreme.”


Bahamut is a spirit of invocation applicant in the Final Fantasy series, and one of the most popular ever appeared in the whole series. Known as the most powerful of all dragons, is usually one of the most powerful invocations accessible to players , if not the most powerful ever, and has a powerful attack called Megaflare , inflicting heavy damage often ignoring all defenses.

Along with Ifrit and Shiva, Bahamut has appeared in all chapters of the saga, but in his case even before there the concept of invocation: it is present in the series since the first chapter, in which he had a role to secondary character, the which makes the spirit of invocation appeared several times ever. As for the other invocations recurring appearance of Bahamut changes from game to game , each time becoming more and more majestic.


Bahamut is always represented as a huge and powerful dragon with big wings and an upright posture so they look even more impressive. In nearly all his appearances, enters the scene appearing from the air or from space.

In most of his appearances, Bahamut is gray, and usually also large horns on the head and spine along the neck and back. His Megaflare, similar to a laser beam, is launched directly from her mouth. In recent chapters, Bahamut is also able to physically attack with its claws.

Bahamut is one of the few invocations that have a kind of past history, although the information on it in a game and the other is not always the same: he has been saddled with a number of nicknames, the most common of which is " the king of dragons ". For he knows that it is considered a higher authority between invocations, and in some area is actually their god. In some titles also Bahamut is opposed to Tiamat, the dragon queen demonic, or has a variant called dark Bahamut. In the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, however, there are several varieties of Bahamut, each more powerful and with a final attack different: Neo Bahamut with Gigaflare, Bahamut ZERO with Teraflare, Bahamut SIN with Tremorflare and Bahamut Fury with Effusion.

Until the fifth installment of the series, Bahamut was unrivaled in the field of invocations and his attack was the most powerful in the game; from the sixth chapter, while remaining between invocations stronger, lost this primacy. On the other hand, in several titles still has a leading role among the invocations, occasionally crucial in the plot . Generally, the adventurers must contend with Bahamut to prove themselves worthy of being able to invoke. Other times, though quite rarely, the player will have to go on the corpse of another boss to get Bahamut.

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Final Fantasy

Main article: Bahamut (Final Fantasy)

The first appearance of Bahamut is done in the first chapter of the saga, which is obviously not an invocation. Here plays only the role of the sovereign of the dragons, and you can meet him in the caves of the dragon.

Here, Bahamut appears as a dragon larger than the others, and purplish brown, and with the inside of the red wings.

Talk to Bahamut is not mandatory in the plot, but it is strongly recommended, because thanks to him will receive empowerment classes of playable characters. For this to happen, however, will also need to retrieve the mouse tail in the temple of ordeals and then show it to Bahamut.

Final Fantasy III

Main article: Bahamut (Final Fantasy III)

Bahamut appears officially in this chapter, both as invocation and as a boss to beat. Initially, it appears as a boss towards the beginning of the game on the peak of the dragon, where the Warriors of Light have come across by accident in his nest while trying Desch. At this stage can not be defeated, if not through the codes, and the party must escape from him compulsorily. Later in the game, after obtaining the Invincible, you can reach him and defeat him in the den of Bahamut.

Its design in this game shows it as a huge winged dragon, with gray skin and green water. A common enemy in the game, the dragon, has the same appearance of Bahamut, but bluish.

Bahamut is an invocation of level 8, is non - elemental and is invoked by the spell Bahamur , obtained only after his defeat . Depending on the class used to invoke it, has a different limit invocations, and can use one of three attacks:

Aura: active hurry to the whole group.

Laceration: instant death to an enemy.

Mega Vampalia: non - elemental damage to all enemies.

Final Fantasy IV

Main article: Bahamut (Final Fantasy IV)

“Bahamut, whose power above the one of the king of Eidolon. With careful look, watches from afar on Eidolon that created. If anyone ever defeat the indomitable Bahamut in battle, will only revolt against the immensity of his own power.”


Bahamut is one of Eidolon in the game, and here you must defeat him to be able to invoke. The player can basically meet the cavern of the divine, an optional location situated on the moon, but in order to challenge you will need to have already gotten the Leviathan. There is also a boss called Dark Bahamut, which appears in the throat lunar guarding the sword Ragnarok . In the remake for GBA and PSP, finally, the player can engage in a battle with Bahamut moon at the end of the test of Cain in the ruins of the moon.

The design of Bahamut varies depending on the version of the game: in the versions in 2D, is identical to the incarnation of Final Fantasy III, but bluish, while in the 3D remake has a slightly more powerful, smaller head, wings larger and two spikes on the shoulders. In this game there is also the human form of Bahamut, shown as a blond man with a long gray dress and a crown.

Bahamut takes 60 PM to be invoked in the 2D versions of the game, and 99 in the 3D, has three loading time and his attack Megavampalia cause heavy damage to non-elemental enemies.


Main article: Bahamut (Interlude)

Bahamut reappears in this special chapter of the PSP version, with the same characteristics he possessed in the original game.

Invoked by the false Rydia against the party, is reported to reason by the invocation of the dragon fog by Rydia, and the girl can use it again for the rest of the battle.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Main article: Bahamut (The After Years)

Bahamut back again in the official sequel of the fourth chapter, again with characteristics essentially unchanged. In the edition for iOS and Android game, also appears Lunar Bahamut as optional boss.

Initially, the mysterious girl acquires control over him like the other Eidolon, and uses it to invade the kingdom of Baron and defeat Cecil. Later, during the final story, you can deal with it and bring it back to reason. In order to get back as invocation will need to have obtained previously Leviathan, otherwise it will be obligatory to kill him permanently. Moreover, the battle can not be won without even Rydia team.

Final Fantasy V

Main article: Bahamut (Final Fantasy V)

Bahamut appears in this game as invocation accessible to players and how to beat boss. Originally appears as a large peninsula in the shape of a dragon in the world of Bartz, where is the portal to the world of Galuf, but after getting one of the boards that unlock the seals on arms sealed, can be met and dealt with on the mountain north.

His appearance in this game sees him back to the style of Final Fantasy III , but is gray and warm the inside of its wings has a bright look.

Bahamut is an invocation of level 5 , requires 66 PM to be invoked and his attack Megavampalia inflicts heavy damage non-elemental to all enemies.

Final Fantasy VI

Bahamut is one of Esper in the game and , for the first time , does not appear as a boss . Can be obtained in the ruined world , defeating the optional boss deadly on the airship . It can also appear occasionally through the skill slots Setzer , if there are three symbols dragon as a result.

In this game, the design of Bahamut is quite similar to that of the previous chapter, but is darker and compact, has a shorter neck and larger wings. From this chapter also Bahamut loses the primacy of more powerful invocation of the game.

Bahamut requires 86 PM to be called, has 92 power and its attack Megafusione cause damage non-elemental impossible to block all enemies. Bahamut also teaches the following skills:

Fusion x2.

To increase the level of HP + 50%

Final Fantasy VII

Bahamut appears again as invocation in this chapter, along with its most powerful , Bahamut and Neo Bahamut ZERO. Matter invocation needed to invoke it is obtained in the Temple of the Ancients after the team defeated the red dragon, but it can be lost forever if it is not collected at that time. Bahamut was also one of the invocations in the PC demo of the game.

The design of Bahamut in this game is again very similar to that of the previous title, the only difference is represented by the three claws to the articulation of the wings.

Matter of Bahamut can be associated with a weapon or protection, and allows you to summon in battle for 100 MP. The attack inflicts damage Megaflare non-elemental equal to 4.0625 times the basic magic damage.


Level 2

Level 3

Level 4


AP 20000 50000 80000 120000

Changes +1 Magic, Magic Def. +1 , Max HP - 5%, Max MP + 5%

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

Matter invocation of Bahamut reappears in this spin-off. His attack Megaflare inflicts non- elemental damage to enemies.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Main article: Bahamut (Crisis Core)

Bahamut reappears in this chapter as a boss and invocation , and with him also appears its enhanced version Bahamut Fury . It is initially invoked by Genesis against Zack in Banora , while Chapter 2 , and then you can deal with it again in mission 8-1-4 , whose reward is just matter that will invoke through the WCO . An enhanced version of Bahamut is the Experiment # 113 ( Mission 5-3-1 ) .

The appearance of Bahamut is much more detailed than the original game , and appears almost mechanical in its entirety . His body is visibly segmented , has huge claws , armor parts and several spikes on the tail .

When called by the WCO , Bahamut uses the attack Megafusione and deals damage to all enemies . The force of the attack varies depending on the level of the invocation .

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5

58 62 66 70 84

Final Fantasy VIII

Main article: Bahamut (Final Fantasy VIII)

Bahamut appears in this chapter as a Guardian Force and optional boss . The player may face the entrance of the island of underwater research , after solving a little puzzle , and defeating him will get the opportunity to invoke it. Bahamut speaks during battles and expresses its serious concern for humans who crave his power . As for the other invocations , get unlock a trophy dedicated PC edition of the game released in 2013 .

The appearance of Bahamut in this game is roughly similar to that of the previous game , but has some differences , such as the enormous shoulder straps , and also dark gray in color with the interior of the wings of red color.

The attack Megaflare of Bahamut is non - elemental , and damages the enemy group ignoring the statistics of the Spirit . The duration of the attack is 22.1 seconds and this allows to bring the damage through the charge support to a maximum of 230% of normal damage .

The damage is calculated in this manner :


Bahamut +20 effect , all other G.F. -1.6

Objects Monolite +3.2 ( -1.6 for others ) , Love Love G +20.2

Magie Apocalypse +0.2 , +0.2 Flare , Sancta +0.2 , Meteor +0.2 , +0.2 Quake , Tornado +0.2 , +0.2 Last


Skill Skill AP AP Prerequisites Prerequisites

Ability x4 Complete !

Rare items 250 None

Magic Complete !

MagInvocate + 10 % No 40

G.F. Complete!

MagInvocate + 20 % + 10 % 70 MagInvocate

Assimilates Complete !

MagInvocate + 30 % + 20 % 140 MagInvocate

Complete objects !

MagInvocate + 40 % + 30 % 200 MagInvocate

FRZ + 60 % Complete !

G.F. HP + 10 % None 40

May + 60 % Complete !

G.F. HP + 20 % 70 G.F. HP + 10 %

Nobody steals 200

G.F. HP + 30 % 140 G.F. HP + 20 %

Via x Energy 200 None

G.F. HP + 40 % 200 G.F. HP + 30 %

Autoprotect 250 None

Support 10 None

Deduplication 250 None

Elb May Prohibited Complete!

Final Fantasy IX

Bahamut is one of the spirits of invocation accessible to Daga , and for the first time has an important role in the plot . Although technically already be usable by the time she comes into the team , the initial level of MP does not allow it . Following is extracted from the girl along with other spirits , and is invoked by Queen Brahne during the clash with Kuja near the tree Iifa ; after being barely scratched from the attack of the dragon , Kuja takes control of Bahamut and evokes little later to attack Alexandria , but is defeated in one shot spirit supreme Alexander . Later , Daga can invoke it back to Alexandria and talking to Beatrix .

The design of Bahamut in this chapter for the first time undergoes a drastic change : now appears much more slender , brownish purple with yellow belly and wings purple , has huge claws and large horns that cover the eyes .

At the beginning of the game , Bahamut requires 224 MP to be invoked , but when it regained it requires only 56. You learned through the gem Granata for 80 AP , and his attack inflicts damage Megaflare non - elemental to all enemies . The power base Megaflare amounts to 77 during the animation short, while with long animation increases to 88 plus the number of grenades of the inventory.

Final Fantasy X

Main article: Bahamut (Final Fantasy X)

Bahamut appears in this chapter as one of the Aeons available , and here also has a key role in the plot . Last Aeon mandatory for the plot , is obtained in the temple of St. Bevelle , where Yuna is hiding after escaping to the Templars . His intercessor , in fact, already appears in the first minutes of the game , Tidus and guide during the adventure appearing before him and Yuna on several occasions. Bahamut can be addressed in clashes with Belgemine , any number of times , and his dark version called Dark Bahamut appears in the inner part of the dome of Zanarkand , if you visit it after defeating Yunalesca . The summoner Isaaru also invoke in his battle Bahamut Tsurugi during the fight with him in the street Purificatio .

In this chapter , Bahamut has what is perhaps the most iconic and recognizable whole saga : now is dark blue in color , rich in detail , with large wings covered with large red feathers and a huge circle spinning behind him . His intercessor has the appearance of a dark-skinned boy , with a blue hood behind which is designed the same circle that appears in the form of Aeon. The symbol of Bahamut , visible when it is evoked , is indicated by the kanji 光, hikari , which means " Light " .

Like other Aeons , Bahamut is controllable in battle once evoked , and has a special attack and a Turbotecnica . His special attack is instinct , that inflicts non- elemental damage to all enemies . Its Turbotecnica is Megaflare , inflicting heavy damage to non - elemental enemy group . Bahamut works well both as a physical attacker , either as a striker magic , has excellent overall statistics and has already suffered from the ability to break the damage limit .

Final Fantasy X-2

Main article: Bahamut (Final Fantasy X-2)

Bahamut reappears later in Final Fantasy X , but this time only as a boss to beat. Fell under the control of unsent Shuyin , appears in the basement of Bevelle in the place where he was Vegnagun . Yuna tries to bring him to reason , but he finds himself forced to defeat him . His intercessor reappears in the plot , and has a key role in the latter stages of the game . PS3 edition of the game , Bahamut can also be addressed in the cup Aeon Arena Shinra , but must be unlocked before bringing the maximum level a Azi Dahaka .

The design of Bahamut is here based on the dark version appeared in the previous game , then black -green with white feathers and blue and the circle behind his back body .

Final Fantasy XI

Bahamut is one of five Avatar land of Vana'diel , introduced in Chains of Promathia expansion and so far not available as an invocation , but only as an optional boss .

Sovereign Dragons , Bahamut appears to warn the people of Vana'diel of the threat of " nothing " and the imminent arrival of the apocalypse . During the story , his path crosses that of the player , who along with Prishe and Ulmia is investigating some mysterious events in the area of Cape Riverne . Later , after a meeting with Selh'teus that casts doubt on the certainty of the words of Bahamut , the player meets again the king of the dragons to know the truth . These , however, is limited to mock humans for their " incompleteness " and rails against his servant dragon Ouryu . Despite the defeat of the dragon , Bahamut refuses to give explanations , revealing only that , long ago , had made a pact with a young , should it reach the emissary of the apocalypse , and that the time had arrived. Bahamut subsequently leaves the player with a warning : "Children of the dawn , your end is near ! "

After these events , has made ​​available the mission " Descent of the Dragon King " , in which it will be possible , for a well- trained , Bahamut face in combat .

The design of Bahamut in this game is mainly based on his classic incarnations , but it seems to have done well as an inspiration for his appearance in the Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy IV , as it is very similar to that version . Bahamut is also the name of one of the game servers .

Final Fantasy XII

The only chapter in the saga in which regular Bahamut appears directly is the twelfth , as happens in all other invocations classic . The name Bahamut is instead used to indicate the most powerful and impressive technological marvel in possession of the Empire Archadian : the air fortress Bahamut , which also serves as the final dungeon of Final Fantasy XII .

However, there are other references to Bahamut in the game : the final boss Vayne takes on an aspect that is very reminiscent of the king of the dragons in his form of Imperitur , and between his attacks include Megaflare , Sword and Gigaflare Teraflare . The Esper Adrammelech also appears to be inspired to Bahamut , if only for their physical appearance .

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Main article: Bahamut (Revenant Wings)

“Despot with wings of darkness that bring everything to nothing.”


Bahamut appears officially in this chapter as Esper non - elemental . Is invoked for the first time since Judge winged to destroy the eastern part of the continent of Lemures , and is addressed again in the Castle of lost time , where it is also unlocked . Reappears later also in the dungeons of the oath .

Its design is here rather flashy , and in some ways similar to the version of Final Fantasy X : appears as a green dragon and brown protected by white armor and armed with a heavy spear. The version invoked by enemies have armor purple and dark green body . His description refers to two Esper of the previous game , Adrammelech and Zeromus , both absent in this sequel .

Bahamut is an Esper Level 3 , attacking from above . It has two powerful attacks : grinfia of Bahamut , causing damage to nearby enemies , and Megaflare , causing massive damage to non - elemental and status Disability .

Final Fantasy XIII

Main article: Bahamut (Final Fantasy XIII)

In this chapter , Bahamut is one of Esper in the game. To be precise , it is exp Fang , who will get the ability to invoke it after having shown its value in the fifth ark , and will prove very useful for the protagonists due to its ability to fly .

The design of Bahamut in this embodiment , the color tones blacks and purple , is decidedly different from the usual : now has no wings , has a more anthropomorphic and huge claws red. In Gestalt Mode , takes the shape of a dragon with huge wings and attack enemies from above with every kind of firearm .

In battle , Bahamut delivers powerful and fast non - elemental attacks , and is able to inflict a large number of PV damage without problems . His Gestalt bar fills more easily if Fang inflicts negative status to enemies , but considered that his time spent in the field is quite short compared to other Esper , you should take advantage of roles such as the sentinel to further increase its bar Gestalt . Passing in Gestalt mode , Bahamut becomes extremely powerful and , if the enemy is in crisis , may cause no problems over 99999 PV of damage with the attack Megavampalia .

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Bahamut returns in this sequel , and is the Esper that appears several times throughout the game . It is invoked by Lightning during the prologue of the game to save Noel from the attack of the antagonist Caius Ballad . A powerful evil version of this Esper , called Bahamut chaos , is invoked repeatedly by Caius , which turns directly into it : the first time , is tackled by Lightning and Odin in the prologue of the game , the second by Serah and Noel , and during the third DLC " the requiem of the Goddess " , where Caius turns in it if it is defeated by Lightning to a higher level to 6. the final boss of the game is also a form much more classic Bahamut , Bahamut called Fluctuo : this version can call at his side his two similar , and Bahamut Bahamut Ratio Imper , thanks to which it can strengthen its technical final until Esafusione .

The Bahamut invoked from Lightning is equal to that of Fang , but white and green ; Bahamut chaos is rather black and gray , is bigger than normal and Bahamut has wings of different shape . Bahamut Fluctuo instead appears as a dragon classic purple color , but with four arms and physical characteristics that recall the appearance of Caius , and a long tail coiled ; Bahamut Bahamut Ratio Imper and are almost equal to him , but have some small differences in design , and are respectively in red and yellow .

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Bahamut appears again one last time in the final chapter in the saga of Lightning . Appears to the rescue of the protagonist during the final battle with Bhunivelze . After defeating the final boss , Bahamut gives a final farewell and disappears forever into the flow of souls , because the Esper can not exist in the new world . Bahamut chaos also makes a small appearance : although Caius can no longer turn into it , can still call him to run Megavampalia .

Final Fantasy XIV

In this chapter , Bahamut is one of Primal . Sealed for centuries in the artificial moon Dalamud , was released at the end of the Seventh Age umbral , which coincides with the final and the final closing of the original version of Final Fantasy XIV waiting for the new version of A Realm Reborn . In this latest version, a special event with Lightning protagonist can address the embodiment of Bahamut from Final Fantasy XIII .

Unknown to the people of Eorzea , Bahamut had been imprisoned in the ancient civilizations of Dalamud Allag . However , the imperial general Nael Darnus Van , one of the few aware of the true nature of Dalamud , plans to crash the satellite of Eorzea to destroy the Primal and the rest of the inhabitants . Despite the defeat of Nael , Dalamud continues its descent until Bahamut is freed and begins the Seventh Age umbral . To avert the danger , Louisoix tries to reseal Bahamut in a new artificial satellite , but the dragon is released ahead of schedule and launches a Megaflare so powerful terraforming Eorzea , which gave programmers a convenient excuse to completely redesign maps game . After that event , Bahamut has disappeared , and only the future update of the game will be able to decide when to reappear .

The design of Bahamut in this game is much more massive than any other in his appearance , and has a color that tends to yellow and black .

Final Fantasy Tactics

Bahamut appears in this game as one of the invocations accessible to the class dell'invocatore . During the invocation , in the original version of the game , the summoner could summon him saying : " It burns in the flame of the dragon ! BAHAMUT ! "

In this game , Bahamut has an aspect that refers to the classic incarnations .

Bahamut can be learned for 1200 JP , takes 60 MP to be invoked , has 10 speed and inflicts non- elemental damage in a wide area . There is also a 20% chance that Bahamut is learned from a summoner to support his attack without being defeated .

Final Fantasy Type-0

Bahamut appears in this game as a type of invocations accessible to the player . As for the other invocations , there are several variations , each with its own parameters and abilities. A Bahamut is invoked by soldiers to defend themselves from the army academy of Milites during the invasion . The superiority of the dragon allows him to break down some aircraft , but with the destruction of the crystal by the special machine to Cid , he is shot down by several gunshots , to be later edited by some students of the academy . Other groups of Bahamut support the characters during the battle against the army of Milites .

The design of Bahamut is substantially identical to that appeared in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- , but is much more detailed , its color scheme is more reddish and is decorated similar gear , recurring theme in the game .

This version of Bahamut is able to combine powerful physical positions at various levels of the move Megaflare . Among the models available are :

Bahamut - good statistics , useful against all enemies .

Bahamut - K - much bigger and not suitable for all scenarios , total high statistics , specializing in the use of Gigaflare .

Bahamut - 0 - the final model , invoked by Arecia Al- Rashia to support class members against Zero Shinryu Celestia . This Bahamut has a spectacular version of Teraflare which provides the appearance of dozens of other Bahamut on the field.

bravely Default

Main article : Bahamut ( bravely Default )

The most singular appearance of Bahamut happens in this spin- off series . In Chapter 7 , the protagonists may face again Ominas Crowe in a battle divided into two stages: first , the black magician called her rescue her familiar Bahamut , which however represent a minimum hassle for the group .

This Bahamut , rather plump and able to stick with Pico - flare , is nothing but a D' gon fire more powerful than normal.

Final Fantasy Dimensions

Main article : Bahamut ( Dimensions )

Bahamut appears in this game as invocation and bosses to beat. Can be addressed in the mountain of God , accessed via a passageway created by Nil Vata , defeat him and let invoke it.

The appearance of Bahamut is basically similar to the classic incarnations , without too many differences .

Bahamut is the final invocation , takes 78 MP to be invoked , and his attack Megaflare cause non- elemental damage to all enemies in the field. Bahamut can also be combined with the magic Flare to get the skill Gigaflare .

Final Fantasy Explorers

Main article: Bahamut (Explorers)

Bahamut appears in this game as boss to beat.

His appearance in this game refer to the very classic incarnations , but it looks more muscular , purplish and with huge thorns bright crystal on the joints of the wings and shoulders.

Final Fantasy Disagreements

Bahamut appears as evocagemma in the crossover fighting game for PSP . As with many other evocations , is available in two versions, both traceable in the history of Destiny Odyssey VIII . The first version , represented by his incarnation of Final Fantasy X , goes into action automatically when the Audacity dell'invocatore reaches half of the initial level ; the second , represented by the incarnation of Final Fantasy III can be activated at any time .

When is evoked , Bahamut uses Aura , which progressively increases the Daring user 20 units ( automatic version ) or 40 units ( manual version ) for a short time , which makes the manual version of a evocations most useful : use it when you have a fairly high level of Audacity will increase significantly PV inflict damage .

Disagreement 012 Final Fantasy

Bahamut reappears in this prequel with slightly different features : the automatic version delll'invocazione increases Audacity of 75 points , while the manual increases by 99 points . Here , the automatic version of the evocation can be obtained during the Chapter 10 of the scenario 013 ; the manual version , however , can be purchased in some stores moguri for 60 KP .

In addition , the embodiment of Bahamut from Final Fantasy X is also part of the arsenal of techniques Yuna , and is able to use Instinct attack as Audacity and Megaflare as PV port . Alternatively , it can also appear in support of another Aeon to inflict additional damage when Yuna is in EX mode .

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Bahamut appears as invocation in this spin-off music , with its design of Final Fantasy III.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited

Much like a dragon Bahamut called Gun Dragon is the evocation definitive Kaze to shoot with his gun Magun . As for the other evocations , Dragon Gun also in need of a combination of 3 bullets full of Soil , in this case :

The light that pervades your eyes , Tear Rainbow !

The spirit definitive Soulgun Metal!

The propeller of my life , Endless White!

In order to summon Gun Dragon , Kaze must turn in the third bullet , leaving someone else to shoot at his place .

Nell'ottavio episode the enemy Pist after subtracting the Magun from Kaze try a personal combination to evoke a being similar to Gun Dragon ( simply called " Evocation final " ) , using :

The sparkle of the obvious intelligence , Marvelous Orange !

The desire for an endless search , Purple Maniac !

And finally, the promise of a perfect victory , Ultra - Shocking Pink!

Before shooting Pist yelling the phrase : " Come , Evocation final ! " . But something goes wrong (do not know if the Magun rebelled or if the combination of the three bullets was wrong ) and the evocation only appears for a few seconds and exploding ruining plans Pist .

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Bahamut ( بهموت , Bahamut ) is a giant monster appeared in the pre- Islamic mythology . His appearance was that of a giant fish - dragon as big as the whole universe . On the back of this big fish was a bull with 4,000 eyes , mouths and ears , called Kujata . On the shoulders of this was a mountain of ruby and above this an angel who carried on the shoulders seven heavens , the earth and seven hells .

Why Bahamut has the appearance of a dragon is due to the imaginary of Dungeons and Dragons , who saw him as lord of dragons opposed to Tiamat.

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Bahamut in Final Fantasy IX , was brought to its knees without difficulty by Alexander , but continues to be more popular than him.

Bahamut should have been present between the invocations of Kingdom Hearts , but was discarded . In return the attack Megaflare is present in several chapters of the saga .

In Kingdom Hearts II , the attack Cannon Thundaga dell'Heartless Lord of storms is identical to the execution Megaflare Bahamut in Final Fantasy X.

Japanese edition of Kingdom Hearts Re : Coded , the four upgrade keyblade Metalchocobo have suffixes of the four versions of Bahamut appeared in the compilation of Final Fantasy VII : Neo , Furia , Tremor and Zero .

Bahamut would stand in another Mario game , developed by Square: Mario Sports Mix .

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