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The ladies say I'm pretty fly for a dead guy.
~ Ben
Yeah, far out, dude.
~ BEN's catchphrase.

Ben is the deteragonist of Pastamonsters. He is Jeff's best friend. He is an intelligent and laid-back ghost.

Originally an innocent 10-year-old named Ben, Ben was drowned and subsequently killed by an old man. However, the spirit of Ben, named Ben Drowned, started messing with the game after the BEN file was deleted before he was able to escape and haunt other forms of technology.


He lives in cyberspace. Ben seems to be almost always high. He is laid-back and doesn't seem to care about anything. He can sometime's act like a little child at first (If he's feeling silly or just to act out), but at times he uses he's internet mind to solve problem's he's friend's can't figure out. He's voice is like that of a hipster or a stoned surfer dude, which is mainly calm and cool at times (but only when he's on Black Stuff). But never yell's out if he has the need to. Ben is the cool guy in the Pastamonster's gang and never really argues about anything (But if you say anything about the internet being sucky or that it lies, that's the only time that Ben can argue).

Anatagonist side/Misdeeds

As seen below, Ben has numerous villainous roles on his name, which was done due to his stupidity often get best on him. Although, unlike other characters, some of Ben's actions were proven intentional as well as causes greater damage.

In General

  • He pays his employees in phony money or sometimes not at all.


The underlined episodes are episodes where Ben is the main antagonist.

  • Proxy WarStarts a war between the Proxies and the Smile gang.
  • The Devil's AdversaryGives away Slenderman's hypnotizer for weed money.
  • The Camping EpisodeLeaves Jeff and Smile to die when being chased for a tentacle demon.
  • The BookSteals Jeff's cooking book and accidently poisons the whole town. Even when Ben finds out the town is poisoned, he doesn't seem to care.
  • Smoke Weed EverydayManipulates the whole town to smoke a deadly weed to get rich. 
  • Can of Whup-AssShoots Sally for inturrupting his shows.
  • The Cent of MoneyHe (along with Jeff) pressure Toby to rob a bank.
  • Clowning AroundAbuses children at a birthday party. Among other things, it's implied he killed a baby by shaking it too much.
  • President BenWhile he becomes the temporary president while Bush is away, he starts a war between Iraq and Iran, destroys towns and states he hates and almost nukes the Dark World. 
  • The First Dark CloudAccidently runs over Sally with his car and shares no care when he finds out.
  • The Early BirdSteals money from Slenderman to buy a Lamborghini. 
  • Take OutSteals money from Ms. P. 
  • Dog BoyTurns Jeff into his servent for a week, forcing him to make his food, smoke joints with him and even give him a handjob. 
  • Highschool PhotosIt's revealed he used to bully his fellow Proxies in highschool.
  • Face RevealLaughs when he finds out Laughing Jack's dad died of breast cancer.
  • Ben the Jizz-eyeKidnaps Ms. P and tries to forcibly marry her. When Jeff arrives to save her, Ben tries to kill both Jeff and Ms. P with a fireplace poker.
  • Jeff's Room PartyIt is implied he drugged Jeff and molested him.
  • Shop-DowningSteals tons of things from stores along with Jeff.
  • The BabysittersWhen he and Jeff go baby-sitting, Ben leaves the baby along to go get some crack, causing the baby to almost die when it wanders into traffic. 
  • Nut Baby: Throws a rock a Eyeless Jack for beating him at a game.
  • The ToyBen uses Jeff's money to pay for food. When he and Jeff agree to share a toy (which Jeff also paied for), Ben keeps it for himself. He later runs away from Jeff to prevent him from getting the toy. He ends up eating the toy so nobody else could play with it. Slenderman orders more toys and Ben pays for them, using Jeff's money once again. When Jeff tells Ben that he was using his money, Ben acts like a total hypocrite asking Jeff if he learned anything about sharing. His selfishness, hypocrisy, lack of morality, and ungrateful attitude combined with the episode's parody moral has caused this episode to be considered the worst case of Ben's flanderization in terms of his attitude, and seemingly unforgivable.
  • The 120 Days of SodaTricks Sally into bringing her friends to see him. After her friends turn up missing, Sally begins to look for them. Sally soon discovers that Ben has kidnapped them and forcing them to make more weed, crack and drugs for his small company, all against their will (this even results in the children dying of starvation, thrist and exhaustion). The children are set free and beat Ben all at once, bloodying his body with bats and whips. This is the first time in the series that he crosses the Moral Event Horizon.
  • The Hand that Rocks the EggnogIt's revealed he pays his employees in fake money.
  • Jeff's Little GirlTries to have sex with Sally, this is especially bad since Sally is only five years old and Ben is at least 24.
  • Things Change: The episode reveals Ben killed over a thousand beach goers attempting to do a plane stunt.


After Jeff and Ms. P, Smile Dog and Ben go to the human world, Jeff discovered the power he could obtain in Motropolis, and becomes obsessed with taking it over and ruling it. Jeff easily and personally attempts to solely take control, but was met with the door slammed in his face by president Bush. Jeff decides to call upon his fellow proxies to help him with the takeover. He motivates them with promises of continuing the invasion across the world and the second attempt was an utter failure, as the entire group was chased away by a single The Rake.

BEN suggests using weapons, which Jeff takes as his own idea and dresses up as General Zod, leading the charge and successfully taking over the nation. Jeff names himself President Jeff The Killer and BEN as Vice President (to make fun of him). During the next few weeks the U.S.A, now J.E.F.F, begins to have financial problems, and the Jeff does nothing but sit and watch Austin Powers while stealing Ms. P's ideas. Slenderman, in his human disguise, inspires the others to contemplate the idea of being President and gives them a receipt for 20,000 pounds of dynamite, signed by Jeff himself. The proxies begin to doubt the Jeff's honesty and mental health, and Ms. P concludes that he is indeed nuts when the Jeff creepily admits to buying the dynamite, in case someone threatens to take his new nation.

BEN overhears their plan to overthrow the Jeff and tells the latter, who orders a trial for Ms. P. Everyone refuses to allow Ms. P to be exiled, but Jeff, abusing his power, overrules the refusals and Ms. P is exiled. Everyone now decides to rebel against Jeff and decides to unleash The Rake on him, after some reluctance from Eyeless Jack and Enderman, but he eventually agrees. A fight ensues between Jeff and The Anti-Proxies, but he overpowers the Antis and holds them at gunpoint. Smile Dog and Ms. P appears to stop Jeff and accidentally spills it that they are conspiring against him. In panic, the Antis begs for help from Tails Doll, who gets shot by Jeff and dies.

The death of Tails inspires BEN to join the others, who gets Ms. P to plan a strategy. Jeff is caught off guard the next day when all of the rebellers attack him and corner him in the presidential house's kitchen. After a severe beating, Jeff is knocked out and everyone begins to fight over the role of President. However, Tails appears and advises everyone to give back the nation to Bush, considering the trouble caused by their invasion. Jeff recovers and refuses to give his nation to anyone and attempts to activate the dynamite, but the Ms. P had disabled them and Jeff is victim of another (even more) severe beating. He is forced to give back the world to Baugh, and angrily leaves back to the Dark World with the other proxies, wondering why he wanted the place at all.

The Chain Mail

In the second full-lengh Pasta Monsters movie, Slenderman alerts the proxies that an ancient prophecy is coming. He states that a man named Malitch will rise from the pits of Hell and cast the world into darkness. Jeff scoffs at this, stating he'll stop him easily. Meanwhile, Enderman hears of the prophecy and tells the Rake their going to join Malitch in taking over the world.

Jeff and a few others put on armor and grab random weapons, getting ready to travel to a distant world. Slenderman and a few others stay back in The Dark World, staying in touch with Jeff via computer. The heroes tell their goodbyes, Sally hugging Jeff and saying she loves him (to which Jeff crudley replies "That'll do, pig. That'll do".) 

Jeff and his friends travel to the world and find it is an island covered in a beautiful jungle. They even meet the natives (or Trolls), who are kind and welcoming to them. The trolls bring Jeff and the gang to their homeland and tend to their wounds (which they sustained when travesing) and treat them with care, giving them massages and conconut juice. The proxies are so caught up in how kind the trolls are and briefly forget about their mission. However, they recieve a reminder that the island isn't all harmless when vicious, bloodthirsty Troll-like Cretures ruin the "party". The Cretures brutally kill the kind trolls in cruel ways (crushing their brains out with clubs, slicing their throats with what appears to be spines and ripping out their entrails.) The proxies run away while the Cretures are distracted by their killings. 

Meanwhile, Enderman and The Rake arrive and try to find Malitch but are caught by the same trolls as before (albiet a diffrent tribe.) Enderman at first doesn't like their kindness and tells them to be more evil. Wanting to please Enderman, they make themselves more cruel. 

At night, Jeff and his friends decide to sleep on a tree to avoid the cretures from below. Ben warns them the island will only get worse, much to the dismay of the others. 

In the morning, the Proxies wake up Jeff, as the Cretures from before are now climbing up the tree attemping to kill them. The Proxies throw things at them (like their own pee and feces), but they respond but choping the tree down. The Proxies leap to safety on vines swinging from tree to tree, the Cretures still persuing them. Jeff throws a knife-boomerang at them and it spins around, slicing the Cretures vines, causing them to fall below. 

Now having to go via water to avoid anymore danger, Ben finds a particularly big raft made out logs and the Proxies climb on. Jeff looks at the map and see's the lake will take them to Mount Big (the place where the weapon the can kill Malitch is stored) and enjoy the ride. However, the trip is ruined when they are ambused by Enderman, Rake and his evil troll minions. The Proxies fight them as they attempt to destroy their log. After a struggle, the Proxies throw off Enderman and his minions but are driven off the path into a waterfall, destroying the log. Soaked in water the Proxies continue their quest on foot. 

After walking for four hours, they are lead to a cliff where the only way of continuing is the swing on vines. Ben tries to climb but he doesn't have much arm strengh, so he hitches a ride on Eyeless Jack and the Proxies swing around for a bit. Suddenly, Sirens appear and hypnotize the male Proxies, trying to throw them off the vines, Clockwork, being a female, isn't affected and fends of the Sirens, however the last siren is able is cut their vines and the Proxies fall in the mud pit below. 

Jeff wakes up and finds out he and Proxies survived the fall and they keep continuing. They return to the above ground and are suddenly ambushed by 2 groups of Cretures. They battle them off, defeating them with almost no effort. However, while they celebrate their victory, Jeff spots a Creture climbing a tree and aiming an ax at Eyeless Jack. The Creture throws the ax and Jeff attempts the alert Jack but oddly stops mid sentence and the ax collides in Jack's heart. The Creture quickly runs off, presumably to alert to other Cretures. The Proxies try to heal Jack but it doesn't work. Jack cryptically tells Jeff (follow the Man) and dies. The Proxies go out of their way to throw Jack a funeral and cremate his body, putting his ashes into a container of French Toast Sticks and sending it into space. 

Jeff and his team continue their journey with no rest or sleep, not wanting to accept more casualties. Jeff suddenly makes a discovery and finds Malitch's home. He and the gang prepare to fight Malitch but discover he is nothing but a tone-deaf, stupid old man. After a comedic display of antics, Malitch tells the Proxies that he was going to destroy Earth, but got to old for it and retired. However, The prophecy still needed a person to cast the world into darkness so Malitch personally sought out someone. When asked who it was he responed it was Enderman. The Proxies, shocked by this reveal, race towards Mount Big. However, halfway their, they are ambushed by an entire army Cretures. Jeff and his friends grab out their weapons, Jeff saying if they die, they die with honor. 

The Proxies and the cretures rage a fierce battle and Jeff is able the cause a rock avalanch, killing the Cretures for good. The Proxies continue (covered in brusies and wounds).  They race to the mountain and finally make it, Jeff finds the weapon and see's it is a trophy and grabs it. However at that moment, Enderman grabs it and the two scare each over, causing them to lose grip of it, this leads to a Hot Patatoe between the trolls and the procies over the trophy. 

In the end, Enderman catches the trophy and absorbs the energy, turning into an omnipotent dragon-like demon. He hypnotizes all cretures on the island and literally burns the entire island to the ground. Ben makes a stand towards Enderman but Enderman responds by firing a blast at Ben's heart. Ben falls down and the proxies briefly mourn him, however it's reavealed Ben survived since he's already dead. 

Enderman and his army battle Jeff and the Proxies in an all out war. Enderman battles Jeff inside Mount Big. Jeff is able to doge Enderman's fire but doesn't land a scratch on Enderman. Enderman almost knocks Jeff off the castle. Enderman taunts Jeff over Eyeless Jack's dead, which enrages him. As Jeff leaps to slice Enderman, Enderman punches Jeff down through a wall. The Seer arrives and gives Jeff some power via her wand.Jeff fires a beam at Enderman and at the same time Enderman fires a green fire beam and they connect. Jack's spirit suddenly appears and gives Jeff move power and Jeff is able to destroy Enderman. 

Jeff and his friends return home, but Jeff says they lost Jack. The movie ends with Jeff stating he's happy they ended the world's extinction, but wonders if it was all worth it.

Feud With Jane The Killer

Unlike the real feud with Jeff and Jane, which is more serious, the feud in Pastas Monsters is really different. The feud began when the Jeff posted an online video where he satirically expressed his disgruntlement at the Jane for failing to keep her fans "under control." He railed against comments, written by Jane's fans, which Jeff sees as "unfair comparisons between the two of them." This began a series of tongue-in-cheek video responses between the Jeff and Jane.

Jane, posted on her forum that he himself was a fan of Jeff. In response, Jeff created another video, trying to figure out the code behind the Janes's complimentary message (which turned out to say "FUCK YOU IN THE ASS, JEFF" spelled backwards), and another video in which he blasted Jane for killing a person he was after before him. When Jeff went to find the body, he fictionally discovered that one of the killed, Madge, is actually Jane when she was a kid, which in part angered Jeff even more as he was trying to prove that no one from her family had a successful career before they died.

Finally, in early June, Jane responded in a satirical video (with disclaimers throughout) stating her "distaste" for Jeff. After watching the video, fans went to Jeff's website, which immediately flooded Jeff's server with over two thousand new unique visitors within the first two hours - with over 18,000 videos viewed. Jeff then challenged Jane to review an awful film. Later in the month, Jeff went to Jane in person at a video game convention in Clifton, New Jersey, exchanged satirical fighting words (one included on Jeff's stay on YouTube) and the two had a fake brawl in the parking lot, along with another Internet personality, Captain S. Jane agreed to review a bad film, as long as Jeff reviewed a poor boardgame. Eventually, Jane reviewed the low-budget Cat In The Hat, and Jeff reviewed the boardgame Candy Land. The culmination of the rivalry, called the Final Battle, features a lengthy fight scene parodying popular films and cliches; in particular, The Terminator and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The video also borrows elements from Janes's review of Super Mario Bros. 3, including her "battle armor" and Super Mecha Destroy All Jeffs In The World Blaster. The entire "fight" takes place in the the proxies's house. In the end, the fight was won by Jane when the aforementioned Super Mecha Blaster attacked Jeff.

At the end of the Final Battle, Jeff appears to be dead. But faked it, he was able to shoot Jane with The Terminators gun, making her run away in fear.

To Proxy Mountain

There were comics where Jeff's depression hinted. At the end of Proxyland, Jeff called the president to ask why he created this horrendous world. In an embarrassing twist, Jeff admits he liked the world, as well as pointing out it's part of his "job" to be an antagonist. He closes the comic by sitting at a chair by the window rethinking about his life, which led fans to believe it was the end. However, there was a comic the week after as a depressed Jeff watched old movies, still feeling worthless about himself.

Another incident. After almost ending the comic by saying "It fucking sucks!", Jeff goes on a rant that progressively gets worse. He cries how his life so far had absolutely no purpose other than to kill people and be lonley. He says how he can't go out every night to be with friends, nor does he remember having any friends other then the proxies, and wishes to belong somewhere where he can contribute and feel belonging instead of being humiliated. He concludes by criticizing the people online who demand too much from xcomickittyx (especially since most of the videos before this were crossovers with other members of the site), and that he works to the bone to give them everything they want. After doing the comic with BEN and Ms P, as well as being visited by Slenderman, who later tells Jeff that there are so much that awaits him, Jeff wakes up to Slenderman, who has a poker game at the house with BEN and Enderman. Oblivious to Jeff, BEN has asked his friend to play cards with him for the past four years, but he wouldn't listen. Taking BEN's advice to "do things a little different", Jeff joins the three cardplayers for a game, wishing that he'd play a long time ago. This was all build up to the site's 4th anniversary film To Proxy Mountain.

After spending the special wanting to find and save Eyeless Jack, in "To Proxy Mountain", Jeff convinces him to cross over and then joins with the Enderman to save the universe. He is presumed dead as he is along with BEN and Ms. P as Force Ghosts, though he may have ascended as a higher being. Eyeless Jack and The Rake know of thier deaths.

On September 28th, 2012, xcomickittyx announced via twitter post that To Proxy Mountian has marked the end of Pasta Monsters as a show. However, she did say the characters are not technically "dead" and may appear in future specials.

But that was until April 22th when Pasta Monsters returned to Deviantart and continues to this day.


Pasta Monsters Part 707:31

Pasta Monsters Part 7


  • Ben is xcomickittyx's favorite character and her original Deviantart Icon.
  • Ben maybe bisexual or even pansexual. In a recent episode, he states he'll have sex with "anything that moves"
  • Ben is able to fly or float.
  • His lifelong dream is to get so high he can't feel his face.
  • He calls pencils "Useless Sticks"
  • Ben's Citizen Identification card number is A1359723.
  • Unlike Jeff, Ben is a suprisingly good driver.
  • According the xcomickittyx, it reveals his attention span is at least .02 seconds.
  • He went to community college with Laughing Jack and Jefrera.
  • Every time Ben sees pale woman, he falls in love with them, which would explain his lust for Jefrera.
  • Like Jeff, Ben wears footie pajamas instead of his usual underwear whenever he has a visitor or is at a sleepover.
  • Ben's stupidity can vary in different episodes. Sometimes he has small signs of intelligence (mainly in Season 1). Other times, he's completely stupid. When he's not on Black Stuff, he's actually pretty smart.
    • According to comickit, BEN is the smartest Proxy, but his Black Stuff makes him act dumber than he actually is.
  • Ben is even dumber than Jeff, but has occasionally pointed out signs of knowledge, which Jeff lacks. On example, where he suggests to Jeff that Slenderman does not like them (which is true). However, Jeff tells him otherwise.
  • Ben can be very smart or say intellectual sentences at times, but it mostly happens when he is unaware of what he just said.
  • Sometimes, when Ben thinks, his brain releases foul smelling steam.
  • His brain does not seem to function as well or as fast as a normal brain, therefore making him become very stupid.
  • Ben's favorite color is Mary Jane Green.
  • Many assume that Ben is slightly older than Jeff or the same age as him.
  • Despite being in fewer episodes than Slenderman, he is more known than he is.
  • Ben is one of the loved Pasta Monsters characters on YouTube. He has tons of YouTube "memes" and many fans make tributes to him.
  • He sometimes takes off Jeff's shoes, and licks his feet and does not have a problem with it.
  • In most episodes when something confuses Ben, he usually says the phrase "I don't get it."
  • The concept of Ben being stupid is based on the appearance of a stoner hippie, slow and dumb.
  • Ben breaks the fourth wall on many occasions.
  • Ben hates spiders and snakes.
  • Ben's bong's name is Frank.
  • Ben is right handed.
  • Ben's dreams are empty like his mind.
  • Ben seems to have a hidden lust with Jeff, as he enjoys being close to Jeff, calls him sexy constantly and at point is even implied to masterbate to him.
  • Has 2.7 inch penis.
  • There is a running gag of him kissing Jeff.
  • Ben represents the Deadly Sin of Sloth.
  • There is a statue of Harambe on Ben's shelf.


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