"She seduces her victims before killing them."
Alias The Hill Seducer, Ashy, Brutal Bitch
Origin Unknown
Occupation Serial Killer, Seducer
Status Alive
Skills Stabbing, Slicing, Seducing
Hobby Stabbing people, slicing throats, seducing men
Goals To become the #1 serial killer (formerly), To kill The Genocidal Brute (suceeded)
Ashen (a.k.a The Hill Seducer) is a female serial killer and seducer from New York City. She is the main protagonist from the horror comedy action romance film Mass Rivalry. She is Vorsal's companion, later boyfriend and her rival is Bianchi. She was designed and created by deviantART user Holatra.



(This is Ashen's Film/Movie origin. The true origin will be written and posted on Holatra's deviantART)

Some ten years ago, when Ashen was 13, she was once a big-hearted and kind girl. Often playing with her friends at middle school. But one day, when it was reported that a genocidal murderer was on the loose, Ashen was kidnapped by the mysterious culprit and he ran off. After Ashen woke up from unconciousness, the culprit looked at Ashen with an evil grin and used his brainwashing machine before putting her to a 10 year comma. 10 years later, she was 23. As she rose, his "creator" came and told her to be out there and kill as many people as possible.

Mass Rivalry

Coming Soon.

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