1 day later, I, Anderous, spreaded terror to the world. Until I miss my fight, life and my victory. So every thousands days, I'm able to fight again. However, I soon find out that 1 kid that ruined my fight: Gumball Watterson. (Theme Plays) NO, you sicko! Dramatic Music! That's better. I get revenge on his family for ruining my fight, my life and my trophy.
~ Anderous swears revenge on the Watterson family after he ruins his wrestling tournament.

Alias Andder
Master (by his henchmen)
Origin Unknown
Occupation Ruler of the fighters
Status Unknown
Skills Great strength, dark powers
Hobby Torturing people of Elmore.
Goals To get revenge on the Wattersons after he ruins his wrestling tournament and getting him booed (failed)
Anderous is the main antagonist of the 2019 animated film, The Amazing World of Gumball.

He was voiced by Ron Perlman, who also played the Lich, Slade, Stabbington Brothers, Nino and Dieter Reinhardt.

Role in the film

He was employed as a fighter, along with his brother Pinky.

He is first seen on the TV where the Wattersons watching a thumbwrestling game on TV.

During a championship wrestling match to the rival with Mr. Elmo, Richard Watterson accidentally interrupted the game by playing his saxophone, this moment's hesitation causes Mr. Elmo and to hit him and win, causing Anderous to lose, and much to his anger, Anderous swears revenge on them.

Later, Anderous made some fighters to attack the Watterson family. They searched the entire city, but they were nowhere to be found. He had figured that they had escaped, so by going to their house, he gathered up information there to find out were they might be found. But he could not do it alone, so he ressurected Pinky and the other fighters. He told them to head for Alaska, because that is where Gumball, Darwin and their family were heading. After they left, Anderous feared that Gumball and Darwin was already heading for Alaska after their last day of the school, so he and his fightes started to abusing and scaring all the students of Elmore (expecting Penny). And especially, he started to search for Penny's family for an unknown reason.

After the alavanche in Alaska, Pinky then captures Gumball, Darwin and Anais and take them into the train and traveled into the desert.

As Nicole and Richard is arrested, Anderous tricks Gumball and Darwin to capture Evil Turtle.

Later, when Gumball had his "army" ready, he hollered out Anderous' name. Anderous couldn't believe what he saw. He had saw that Gumball was still alive. Ignoring him, he prepared his army to attack. Then they both meet on the battlefield, with there two armies ready, both of them ordered to attack. Then when both Gumball and Anderous eye's meet, the Battle of Elmore began. People, fighting people, it was just like the war 1,000 years ago. Gumball was heading for Anderous, so he could finish this once and for all. Gumball, Anais and Darwin went with him. Along the way, Rob appeared out of nowhere, telling them they had nowhere to go. Anais said that she would take care of this, so Gumball, Mabel and Darwin headed on, until they encountered another enemies, Pinky, Miss Simian and Rob. Elsa and Darwin said that they would take care of him, so Gumball went on until he encounter something else. Gumball had no choice, he had to fight him. But all of a sudden, the battle was interupted. Martha stood before Gumball and told him to go on, in which he did. Anderous tried to stop him, but Martha stopped him, and told him that he had to fight her if he wanted to go on.

As Gumball and Darwin arrives in the Forest of Doom, Anderous sends Rob to throws them into the Void with the Universal Remote. Gumball prevent Anderous from winning the fight with his family, but Anderous' goons easily overpower them and the fight begins as Anderous grows into a big monster. During the fight, Anais kicks Rob, who then falls and lands on the Universal Remote that has summoning the Void. The battle ends with Martha and Elsa drives his family's car and throws Anderous and his goons into the Void, never to be seen again.



  • He is also the second character in the series to be played by a guest star.
  • Although he is the main antagonist, he turned out to be more dangerous than the Evil Turtle.

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