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Ananta (All Forms).png
Alias Mysterious Child
Origin Unknown
Occupation Co-guardian of the Mythical Realm.
Status Alive
Skills Transformations into an God-like deity or a Satan-like deity with differing attributes for each form.
Hobby  ???
Goals Personal motives unknown, serves as a loyal servant for Genesis and works the same roles as Genesis in the Mythical Realm.
Whose side are you on?
~ Said by a child which is allegedly Ananta as described in an ancient legend.

Ananta is an odd, unclassified humanoid who is mysterious to those who wish to know more about him at Shiramu Inc.. While it is speculated that Ananta is Ultima's son, at the same time, this would require the mother to be an equally powerful, Satanic type Demon from the Infernal Void, and biologically, this is currently impossible until a female of such a category of demon is ever identified to exist. Alternately, Ananta could instead be the son of either Zenith or Darigus, although their physical compositions would make it impossible for Ananta's three choice of forms to even remotely be among the mysterious child's powers. Apparently originating from the same world that Sirryu originates from, Ananta serves as a replacement deity for Sirryu and his composite form of Genesis for whenever Sirryu and co. are not present in their own native realm and are currently in Ultimoria. Due to how insanely powerful Ananta is known to be in the video game realm from which he and Sirryu originate from, Ananta is physically incapable of entering Ultimoria because of the fact Ananta has far too many powers that cannot properly be recreated in Ultimoria as they exist in his own realm. His two forms have separate names, but while the Seraphim Wyvern shares it's name with the rest of it's species, Infernalis has a separate name from what his species is in comparison, although it's a synonym for his species's name at the same time.

In-Game Base Stats

  • HP: 2,400 (9,999 as Seraphim Ananta, and +9,999 as Diablo Ananta)
  • MP: 9,999 (+9,999 as Seraphim Ananta)
  • SP: 0/100
  • Attack: 100 (999 as Diablo Ananta)
  • Defense: 50 (890 as Diablo Ananta)
  • Spirit: 100 (999 as Seraphim Ananta)
  • Wisdom: 50 (890 as Seraphim Ananta)
  • Speed: 200 (600 when transformed)
  • Luck: 999
  • Starting Level: 99

Playstyle Description

Ananta, when not transformed, has no skills to fight with; all he can do is flee from a fight, or skip his turn. It is noted that while Ananta starts off at a very low level for the time he's first unlocked, he has a passive ability which prevents him from taking damage or suffering from negative status effects. So in the process, he can't fight back, yes, but he also can't be damaged at all. In addition, Ananta has a special item which always allows him to escape from a battle if he was otherwise unable to do so.

After rescuing all of the playable cast and NPC cast from limbo, Ananta's transformed abilities are both unsealed due to Sirryu and his friends fusing into Genesis and unlocking the seals placed on Ananta so long as Ananta will serve as a replacement for Genesis for while Genesis and company are traveling between this realm and Ultimoria. Ananta will then acquire two abilities which are Transformation Skills called simply "Seraphim" and "Diablo", which transform Ananta into an angelic wyvern and a demonic drake respectively. Upon activating any of the transformations, Ananta will lose the ability to be invulnerable to harm in exchange for immense fighting prowess and higher stats.

As Seraphim Ananta, upon transformation, he will drain the MP of all enemies entirely and absorb them into Seraphim Ananta's much larger pool of MP as restored MP while heavily nerfing the abilities of magic using enemies due to their heavily drained MP resources. A similar effect is caused by Diablo Ananta upon transformation, whereas instead of draining HP, Diablo Ananta deals 42% Max HP damage to all targets and drains whatever damage was dealt as restored HP for Diablo Ananta's heavily increased HP pool. It is also important to mention that both of them deal permanent status effects to enemies that are unique to themselves; Holy Prism, which passively deals Light damage over time upon transforming into Seraphim Ananta, and then Death's Advance, which does the same thing only with Dark element damage. Both of them also deal non-attribute damage at the same time should any target be either resistant or immune to one or both of the elements in question.

Seraphim Ananta focuses heavily on a Spirit and Wisdom based stat distribution for combat, while having low defense and an attack stat that goes unused, which the opposite is true for Diablo Ananta. The goal for Seraphim Ananta that you'll want to play him as is giving yourself defensive buffs to both Defense and Wisdom while casting MP restoration buffs to maintain an MP pool. Diablo Ananta, meanwhile, simply needs to cause damage to targets to keep his HP in check, since all of Diablo Ananta's attacks drain HP back to the user in addition to being very powerful in nature.

For their signature moves in both forms, the attacks are unique in not only are that always hitting one hit kill attacks that target all enemies on the field, and are noted as being impossible to avoid being hit by since they cause the status effect that will kill them anyways even if they are immune to Light or Dark elements. They are also a unique case of signature moves for any character in the game, as their animations are displayed in a cinematic manner that showcases the user and the targets during the animation in one way or another, and unlike the other animations in the game, are completely designed with these two transformations in mind.

Seraphim Ananta, in his OHKO attack upon full charge, summons a giant, bow-like weapon out of air and fires seven arrows into various portals, which them appear at a further distance away as seven, giant meteors of wind that blast the targets until a white void is shown in the aftermath of the impact, and all of the targets are KO'd immediately and the battle ends as Seraphim Ananta reverts back into Ananta before the battle results screen appears.

As Diablo Ananta, his finisher is much more different and is more demonic in nature. Summoning forth a tiny, bat-like demon, he sends a message into the Infernal Void to summon forth numerous, powerful hands to restrain his opponents with. As Diablo Ananta laughs, he has the choice of being able to attack them or do anything else for the remainder of the battle unopposed, or finish the second half of his signature move which has him walk up to his restrained prey, and begin clawing and biting away at them until blood covers the entire screen, leaving puddles of blood where the enemies once were while a shadowed figure of Diablo Ananta, with a blood covered mouth, roars into a dark red sky before the battle results screen displays just as he reverts back into normal Ananta. In addition to killing the target, Diablo Ananta and normal Ananta's HP and MP are restored to full.

To level-up Ananta, you simply need to win battles with him. However, to level up Seraphim and Diablo Ananta, you need to enter a special dungeon where you choose which form to enter with and having only Ananta as your party member for the dungeon. As you win battles in the special dungeon, none of each form's moves will cause Ananta to revert back into his normal form, and when the battle results screen displays, he'll still be in whichever form was chosen to enter the dungeon with. In addition, but in the outside of battle display of the dungeon, his sprite changes to either Seraphim Ananta or Diablo Ananta depending on which form was chosen to enter the dungeon with. A warning appears with every 10th floor you progress which tells you which level you should be before proceeding, as while yes, it is very easy to access each form's instant kill attack, they are not invulnerable to damage like their shared base form is in comparison.


(Note: The story below only applies to Diablo Ananta. For Seraphim Ananta's story, visit the Hero Fanon Wiki's article for him.)

Diablo Ananta, actually called "Infernalis" when described separately, is an honorable demon who only attacks those who he deems unintelligent or lacking of sapience in nature. He views creatures who attack others with no actual intelligence to their plans as not being truly evil in nature, and considers them just ordinary animals. However, that does not mean Infernalis is not blind towards beings who lack intelligence, yet are clearly designed to be evil from birth. Those beings get the special dishonorable mention of being tasteless in evil compared to what true evil is like to him. Infernalis's beliefs in what defines evil seems to result more in Infernalis's powers going unused entirely save for when Ananta transforms into him and utilizes his powers to kill those who stand in his way, but these actions are only partly made aware of to Infernalis.

Infernalis, when viewing a worthy opponent such as the Seraphim Wyvern, from who he shares a host body with nowadays, never had a need to actually kill the Seraphim Wyvern during their battle since the Seraphim Wyvern was only acting as it's holy nature would towards a demonic being such as Infernalis. He also notes the bizarre mentality of the Seraphim Wyvern is so difficult to judge to him that he cannot properly classify the creature as being intelligent good, or just plain non-sapient. However, he acknowledges the Seraphim Wyvern as an intelligent being since it is made very clear that it is capable of utilizing weaponry such as bows summoned from aether. Infernalis, when transformed into by Ananta and utilizing his instant kill attack, appears to be a highly respected Demon who sends a message through a smaller demon to the many others who are commanded to restrain an opponent for Infernalis so that Infernalis can either punish them for their crimes, or eat their souls for sustenance.

Infernalis, along with the Seraphim Wyvern, were eventually summoned by Genesis to be infused into the body of a small, powerless child who had somehow managed to save everybody from limbo, and required both of them to serve as balances and powers for the child so that he can serve as a replacement for Genesis in the case of his absence. Currently, both entities had, since that point, stayed fused with the child and slowly became absorbed into the child's name of Ananta, and while they do maintain their separate identities, they are no longer permanently required to be separate as whenever Ananta utilizes one of them as a transformation, their own personalities are reflected by Ananta's actions while in their own forms.

Design Notes

Some of Ananta's powers of both holy and demonic origin is a reference to Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie's antagonist known as "Death Mwauthzyx", who created both God and Satan according to the movie. Ananta's powers reference this, but instead of being the creator of two such deities, he actually IS the deities in question. Ananta's unlocked abilities basically transform him into either God (Seraphim Ananta) or Satan (Diablo Ananta). Unlike Death Mwauthzyx, however, Ananta is more on the lines of a protagonist in personality even with him having a demonic form that he can utilize, whereas Death Mwauthzyx was a straight out antagonist despite having created God, although, this can possibly be explained by the former's nature of causing a Category Z Apocalypse if he had so desired to do so; Ananta's powers, while very strong against nearly every opponent in the game, are incapable of actually causing severe damages to large portions of terrain unless he's using a skill or spell that involves the four nature category elements (Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind).

Ananta's unlock method is actually bizarre in that, while talking to each of the protagonists and NPC that needs rescued, they all have dialogue to say, but they don't know who is saving them or how they get back to where they once were. It isn't until the final scripted cutscene in this storyline does anybody acknowledge Ananta, and even then, Ananta doesn't speak at all. However, his presence allows Genesis, who originally did not speak at all, to finally be capable of speech himself, and in addition, whenever Genesis leaves his game for the Neo Canon Ultimoria, Ananta will basically take his place in their original realms due to Genesis having trusted Ananta with such power, which implies that while nobody acknowledges Ananta as having saved all of them from limbo, Genesis does have some kind of memory about Ananta having saved them from limbo and thus gave him credit for it by giving Ananta his two special transformations to allow him to be an equal to Genesis to a degree.

Ananta's name was originally non-existent entirely, same going for his two forms; he was not only not intended to have a backstory, but his name was also supposed to never be known at the same time, even to Shiramu-Kuromu. However, eventually, a unisex name relating to "Neutrality" was chosen to represent Ananta's name, and his two transformed states were given backstories. However, the backstory of the child who serves as the primary form for the other two now is completely vague in nature.