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The Unconquerable Dinoid
Alias The Unconquerable Dinoid
Origin Unknown
Occupation Hyper Dinoid
Status Alive
Skills Outlandishly huge
Can split apart into seven components for different purposes
OmniElement Nasal Cannon
Halo Drainage Energy Charger
Hobby N/A
Goals N/A

Amphigoliath is an enigma of a Dinoid. For a Dinoid that is known to the so massive it's measured in kilometers from head to tail, it is infamous for being able to hide in plain sight without any of the Dinoid's enemies knowing about it even existing until it's too late. Amphigoliath holds the status of the only combination mecha in The Blue Tri; it is formed from seven flagships that the Dinoids own that are specifically designed to combine into Amphigoliath, and each of them have functions outside of their combined form to the point nobody can properly guess what their true purposes are. Even if people take notice of the designs of the four flagships that form the hands and feet, the designs are not obvious enough to flat out give away those specific pieces can combine with three others to forge Amphigoliath. Very little is known about Amphigoliath aside from what the Dinoids know, and they'll never tell you anything unless they're okay with it because, according to them, "it ruins the surprise".


Amphigoliath is a very different category of Dinoid compared to all of the others. Even Chimera fits into a category with several others, whereas Amphigoliath doesn't fit in with any other Dinoid due to his unique attributes. Amphigoliath is the final result of seven individual flagships combining into one giant robot. Amphigoliath, due to his huge size, has a power core present in each of his major components. His sheer size alone pretty much requires that Amphigoliath has more than one power core, since his incredible size will burn a single power core dry and thus not properly function. Each of Amphigoliath's components also have a secondary power source so that the power cores are only utilized as their combined form. Amphigoliath, in regards to being a Dinoid, is an Amphicoelias type Dinoid who is currently the only Dinoid in the series to be modeled after a Sauropod Dinosaur. This basis is particular is known as the largest Dinosaur known to exist, and also the largest land animal and larger than the Blue Whale in all aspects except for weight.


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