Göth (December 11, 1908 - September 13, 1946) was a Nazi war criminal and Captain of the SS, he oversaw the concentration Camp at Płaszów and was executed by hanging for his part in the death of tens of thousands of innocent people.  Göth gained renewed infamy for his portrayal in the film Schindler's List where he acted as the main antagonist, his cruel and sociopathic behavior in the film earned him a high-ranking on the "List Of Top 50 Film Villains Of All Time" and ranked as the highest non-fictional villain in that list.So terrible was Göth that when Mila Pfefferberg, a surviving Schindler Jew, was introduced to Fiennes while on the set of the film, she began to shake uncontrollably in terror, as Fiennes—while in full SS-Hauptsturmführer uniform—reminded her of the real Göth.

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