Amon (Character What)0001

Amon is a villain in the Character What series, Amon is a villain form The Legend of Korra.

Character What: Hero Force

In Villains Meeting, Amon was at Shadow Aaron's Villains Meeting.

In Blood Control, Amon say to Shadow Aaron that he dough that Shadow Aaron can control blood like he can. Shadow Aaron use his haemokinesis to control the blood in Amon's body and control Amon's movements.

Character What: Ultimate Hero

In The Return of the God of War, Amon use his bloodbending to stop Kratos from moving, but Kratos was strong enough to resist Amon's bloodbending and when Kratos got close to Amon, Kratos end up punching him in the face while he was wearing his mask, Amon's mask was damage.

In Water Battle, Amon join with Shadow Aaron and the other villains with water powers, To have a battle against Shadow Joe and the heroes with water powers.

Powers and Abilities

  • Waterbending:
  • Bloodbending: Amon can control the blood in living creatures.
    • Motor-Skill Manipulation: By control their blood, Amon is able to control their movements.
    • Telekinesis:

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