You, Avatar, shall suffer. I assure you of that. I shall devote every part of my existence to tormenting you and making sure you realize the folly of your arrogance for standing against me. Only once you have been utterly crushed as a being will I grant you the mercy of death, and everything you hold dear to you will follow.
~ Althavir to Faron (in a vision)
A still


Raxis Daraecon, Raxis, Ultaviir/Althavir (Ravager, Devil King Althavir, One-Eyed Scourge, Spawn of the Sun, Destroyer of Necrossio)


2,848 (at final death)


D (Pyrokinesis), later DY (Pyro-Shadow)




Demigodly dragon

Home Realm



Althavir's Tomb (when in the Dragoneye), somewhere in the Skypierce Mountains




Pure Evil



Ultaviir (Old Mortha: Raxis Daraecon, literally translated as Tyrant Dragon, modernized as Althavir), better known as the Ravager, the Devil King, the Spawn of the Sun, or simply "the dragon," was a demigodly dragon (disputably a Shadow-being, considering its origins) and the most powerful of Necrossio's Scourges. A being of pure wrath and hatred with a motif based on the sun, Althavir was birthed by Necrossio in the War of the First with one purpose in mind; to destroy the Avatar and raze Morth. Upon its defeat, it was sealed within its own eye, which was transformed into a magical artifact entitled the Dragoneye. Almost three-thousand years after this, Althavir was accidentally unsealed from its thousand year old prison and, with its original goal in mind and fueled by a burning hatred for all life, set out to destroy Morth. The only beings that posed a threat to it were the fragments of the Avatar, the Ava'lii.


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Althavir came into being upon Necrossio's initial attack of Morth, coming into being in the War of the First thousands of years prior to the stealing of the Dragoneye. The dark god's assault had been steadily repelled by the Avatar of Omnes, who valiantly fought against the shadows of Necrossio and eventually defeated him in combat. In PRE 363, As a last measure after his defeat, Necrossio attacked the Divinity of the Sun Apollocrytes and corrupted his heart, shortly before he was killed by the Divinity smashing the sun onto him. Necrossio's darkness proved too much for the Divinity to contain, and from it the Spawn of the Sun Althavir hatched.

With the base of Apollocrytes' powers, which had been to manipulate and control the sun, Althavir used this power to quickly conquer the largest human city of Morth, Belore, in Necrossio's stead. Althavir held cruel reign over the people and sought to raze down Morth on behalf of its creator. Due to having the soul of a Divinity, no human blade could kill it and Althavir reduced Morth's human armies to ruin, and in a matter of only three days Althavir had consumed dozens upon dozens of sacrifices meant to sate it, destroyed a fair number of human settlements, and was gearing up to unleash a wave of fire on Morth that would destroy the nation and kill millions. Though weakened, the Avatar took up arms again and set out to defeat the drake. An unknown period of time afterwards (which Faron's soul was later sent to witness and defeat Althavir in the future) Althavir met the Avatar himself on a flaming battlefield after having killed many of his friends and those loyal to him. Althavir proceeded to taunt him about the inevitability of his own destruction. The Avatar stood steadfast and defied the wrath of Althavir, proclaiming his courage and engaged Althavir, cutting out the dragon's left eye and tongue and proceeding to fight it out for four days with Althavir.

Ultimately, this fight would lead to the original defeat of Althavir, but not without a price. The Avatar died shortly after the battle due to the grievous wounds inflicted upon him, and as a measure to ensure the death of the dragon if it ever rose again, the Avatar spread his consciousness into eight fragments, implanting them into humans of the future. He turned Althavir's left eye into a mystical gem titled the Dragoneye, which Althavir was sealed into. A blade was forged by Terrim to be infused with the Dragoneye and kill the dragon for good, and then a book without words to awaken this power. Althavir had been defeated and every precaution had been made to stop it again, but Morth still spoke of its name in dread. Althavir, however, would soon fade into legend - but in DVR 3204, the greed of the humans it had once tried to destroy would mean that Althavir would taste life again.

Post Modernization


Exactly 2,841 years after Althavir's initial defeat, in DVR 3204, mortal affairs would aid Althavir into coming back into the world. After the death of Sidus the Wise and the disbanding of the Morthian Imperialists, Josephira Althatz, the then-reigning Highlord, sought to expand his power through unconventional means. To do this, Althatz sought the legendary Dragoneye. Tracking down the Dragoneye to its ancient tomb, Althatz, unbeknownst to him, was flagged by Hathrot (who was, in actuality, one of the avatars of the Roadwalker), who often hiked by the cave holding the Dragoneye. Watching Althatz, to his horror Hathrot realized that Althatz was intending to free it. Althatz used the Wordless Dictionary to free the Dragoneye from its tomb. Upon trying to take it, a stray bead of water fell from the cave top and fell on the Dragoneye, agitating it enough to crack it ever so slightly. From that crack blossomed forth the darkness comprising Althavir's body.

Upon regaining form, the now-one eyed dragon used its telepathic link to the Dragoneye to speak to Althatz. As the quivering Highlord tried in vain to command Althavir with the Dragoneye in hand, Althavir simply laughed, insulted Althatz, and stated that he would be the first human to die in its assault for his "foolish display of man-arrogance." As Althavir prepared to unleash a torrent of Sunfire on the unfortunate Highlord, the terrified Hathrot, suddenly acting on a blind impulse, lunged forth and discharged an archaic spell into Althavir. Still not corporeal enough to resist the attack, Althavir was injured, the consequence of the spell blocking out Althavir's Sunfire. Although initially irritated, Althavir reasoned that Althatz holding onto the Dragoneye would, by decree of fate, lead the Ava'lii right to him, saving Althavir the mess of having to track them down and killing them when the time was right. Althavir then flew north, to the Skypierce Mountains, to heal itself. Althatz kept the Dragoneye in his crown and returned to the Capital to research the beast. Althavir was clearly feared and dreaded throughout Morth, though there was said to be one thing able to stop it if it ever awoke; the Ava'lii coming together and slaying the beast with the Dragonblade. Althatz, however, had other plans, seeking to tame to dragon by utilizing the Dragoneye to tame to beast. Over the course of one year, Althatz would employ Hathrot, who, after the stealing of the Dragoneye, dressed himself up accordingly so he could remain close to the Dragoneye and the Highlord.

In DVR 3205, after one year of his reign, Althatz would order a young boy named Faron he suspected to be an Ava'lii to be brought before him. As interrogations proceeded, Althavir, from miles away, detected the presence of an Ava'lii and the Dragoneye in close proximity to each other during Faron's initial imprisonment in the Capital, and finally flew from its mountain perch, where it had been lurking since being wounded by Hathrot, and to the Capital. Althavir took the time to finally use its powers again by razing down a village known as Denulthia, killing every person living there. Giving a great roar to the night, this would alert Derticai, an already-Awakened Ava'lii, to the presence of the great dragon. Derticai would begin his journey to unite the Avatar, while Althavir immediately took to the Capital.

While Faron was being interrogated (and about to be executed), Althavir suddenly attacked the Capital, razing a portion of the city and smashing into the uppermost quarters of the Capital (the Court). Ignoring the soldiers attacking it and almost dismissively snapping at Althatz, Althavir attempted to kill Faron where he stood, but Faron suddenly engaged Althavir. Snatching a blade from a fallen soldier, an surge of Ava'lii-fueled power prompted Faron to slash down on Althavir's snout. Althavir fell out of the Court in surprise from the blow. Realizing that Faron possessed no knowledge of his power, Althavir used its connection with the Dragoneye to talk to Faron, calling him a "disrespectful little maggot." Solely for the purpose of waiting until Faron knew more about his past as the Avatar so Althavir could have a proper match with him, Althavir flew off to wreak more havoc to entertain itself in the meantime, all while using the sun to spy on Faron. Althavir left one half of a smoking Capital and five-hundred dead behind it.

Though the dragon had been repelled, a curse seemed to drop on all of Morth as a sign of the dragon's coming. Faron, realizing his identity was intertwined with Althavir, set out on a journey through Morth. As he did so, Faron met fellow amnesiac Ava'lii Claire, and had two visions of Althavir. The first was immediately after meeting Claire, prompted by the word "Dragoneye," which depicted it as having won and flying over a burned-down Morth. The second was in Candle's settlement (who had a series of carvings depicting Althavir throughout the trees surrounding the camp), in which Faron now had the Dragoneye-infused Dragonblade. Candle solemnly warned Claire and Faron about the ruin Althavir had brought to Morth so long ago.

Althavir, who had been keeping an eye on the Ava'lii the whole time while preoccupying itself, later made another attempt on Faron's life in a forested part of Morth, near the Sedra Valley, while he was with a recently-Awakened Claire. Flying down and suddenly burning down a good portion of the forest, Althavir attacked Faron and Claire, engaging in a personal fight with Faron who still hadn't realized his powers. Although Faron and Claire were nearly killed by the onslaught, Faron suddenly managed to attack Althavir, motivated purely by an sudden instinctual desire to defend Claire, managed to once again cut through the dragon's flesh. Feeling his fear vanish in the same manner that it did when Faron first attacked the dragon, Faron and Althavir engaged in their first serious fight. Althavir nearly won due to its Sunfire, but was timely intercepted by Claire's electrokinesis, amplified by her Awakening. Faron used the blade to strike a few good wounds of Althavir while it was distracted by the onslaught of Claire's attack. When the dust cleared, Althavir and Faron, both exhausted, faced each other for a good while. Finally, not risking any more injuries, Althavir flew off.

Despite having been defeated this time and being no closer to defeating the Ava'lii, Althavir wasn't done yet, and decided to take a craftier approach. Althavir waited for the Ava'lii's journey to proceed naturally as it healed, going into hiding to avoid drawing attention to itself. Althavir waited for the Ava'lii to retrieve the Dragoneye so it could ambush them and destroy Faron and the Dragoneye right there, rendering the ability to kill it useless. Unbeknownst to Althavir, Highlord Althatz took the Dragoneye and the surrounding artifacts to Bellstop to ambush the Ava'lii there. Near the peak of the Ava'lii's journey, Faron met with Hathrot in the abandoned Court, who revealed the location of the Dragoneye to the Ava'lii. Seizing its chance, Althavir suddenly flew in from parts unknown, invaded the Goldstar once more, and broke through the Court's (ironically recently-repaired from its first wrath) wall to face the Ava'lii. Taking Faron by surprise, Althavir unleashed a torrent of Sunfire directly on Faron before he could fight back and quickly burned Faron to death, blasting him through the Court's wall. As the Ava'lii reared back from the shock, Althavir came into the Court and searched for the Dragoneye. It rather casually dismissed the now-quivering Hathrot, perhaps not recognizing him (as Hathrot had been in his Roadwalker form when he had attacked Althavir one year prior) and, to its irritation, Althavir found nothing. Althavir nearly killed the Ava'lii in frustration, until it picked up the Dragoneye's power back at Bellstop. Flashing a taunting smile at the Ava'lii to emphasize their failure, Althavir flew off to Bellstop, where Althatz had taken the Dragoneye, in preparation to assure its immortality.

Final Battle and First Death

The Ava'lii were disorganized from their failure, and Faron's mind had been cast into emptiness upon his death. However, Faron was sent back through time and witnessed the first fight with Althavir through the Avatar's eyes. Afterwards, Faron was revived by Omnes himself with a new silken garment capable of neutralizing Althavir's Sunfire. Faron wasted no time and ventured with the Ava'lii to Bellstop as quickly as possible to confront the dragon before it reached the town. Beforehand, Faron, questioning his identity as an Ava'lii, had a talk with the world-weary Derticai, who related Althavir's own past in more specific details. A few hours later, Faron would confront Althatz, who had taken Bellstop hostage and was still under the delusion he could control Althavir, for the last time. After an intense sword fight, Althatz tried to infuse the Dragoneye into the Dragonblade, but the energy of a non-Ava'lii utilizing the power of the Dragonblade shocked Althatz enough for Faron to gain the upper hand and defeat Althatz.

Faron combined the Dragoneye with the Dragonblade and activated its true form, an emeraldine blade with the Dragoneye having transformed into the eye of Althavir itself within its handle. There, in coincidental timing, Althavir finally reached Bellstop and perched on its bell tower (later named Dragonslayer to commemorate the dragon's demise shortly after) to meet all of the Ava'lii for the fabled final battle. With the Dragoneye's power fully realized, Althavir, unable to talk normally, sent telepathic messages into Faron's mind, belittling him for fighting people who did nothing for him and taunting him that he was nothing more than a puppet for the Divinities. Not intimidated, Faron stood his ground and recited a speech the Avatar had said to Althavir thousands of years prior. Althavir's only reaction was to simply give a cryptic warning about how Faron was the Avatar, opposed to his own person. From there, Althavir attacked the Ava'lii, enduring a long battle with them, which resulted in Althavir's Sunfire being permanently neutralized. Even then, through sheer strength Althavir managed to overpower the Ava'lii one by one, and fatally mauled Derticai in a failed attempt to kill his young disciple Naomi.

True to its word, Faron experienced a flood of the Avatar's memories which made him lose focus and impeded his ability to fight. Althavir continued to telepathically taunt Faron about this. However, Naomi, enraged at Althavir's murder of her teacher, grabbed Ben's claymore (which had been dislodged upon Ben burying it in Althavir's leg), and in a display of pure rage, used it hacked off the dragon's hind legs. In sudden pain, Althavir snapped and went into a pain-fueled fury, madly thrashing around. Faron took the opportunity to recoup, now motivated by his own thoughts. Faron finally snapped out of his trance and seized the Dragonblade to fight Althavir head-on. Breaking down and losing patience quickly from its wounds and furious that Faron wasn't dead yet, Althavir opened a large, gaping pit into Stygia in wrath, attempting to plunge Faron, the Ava'lii, and all of Bellstop into it. However, Faron latched onto the dragon's tail before he could fall into the pit, and as a last resort, Althavir seized its opponent and flew high into the air, intending to drop him into it from there.

Althavir made Faron look at all of Morth from the sky, insisting that while he plunged into the pit, he would be killing all Faron had striven to save. To spite Faron, Althavir made it a goal to not only kill everything in Morth, but to destroy everything the Divinities had created, including the Divinities itself, until all life within Morth's universe had been destroyed. Althavir announced its intent to plunge the universe, from there, into a "beautiful chaos" of fire and pain, and to plunge all living souls into this fire to suffer for all eternity while it presided over the chaos like a god itself. However, Faron was only inspired by the visage of Morth, and, with his remaining strength, climbed up Althavir and hacked off its left wing, sending them both plummeting to earth. Faron took the opportunity to stab Althavir in the chest with the Dragonblade, and upon landing, Althavir fell into the pit it had opened and was ripped apart by the Dragonblade's energy. The energy that had comprised Althavir's body was drawn into the Lower Plane, and Althavir's body was totally destroyed.

Within Faron

Derticai died shortly after Althavir's death as the dragon's final jab at the Ava'lii. Althavir's soul, and thus, its remaining consciousness and life, had been transferred into the Dragonblade before its body was destroyed, and Faron forcefully bound it to his soul. Althavir continued to live on inside the boy, who's soul gave Faron multiple powers and aspects of the dragon, including its wings, its fire, and its claws of note. The Festival of the Sunfall was an annual event meant to commemorate the defeat of the dragon, although the second had been postponed due to the rise of Tyraz, a similar figure to Althavir. Tyraz sought to extract Althavir's soul from Faron's, as Althavir was birthed from the darkness of Necrossio. In doing so, Tyraz would be enabled to power up the Tower of Ix Nagoth, and enslave Fros and Morth to total darkness and revive Necrossio.

Dragonduel/Final Death

After the events of the second Plight, Faron found himself drawn into the Anomaly, into the Alpha version of Morth, which, unbeknownst to him, had been caused by Necrossio's Dark Fragment Rennenogon (who, as the direct result of Necrossio splitting his consciousness, was essentially the draconic Avatar of Necrossio as well as a parallel to Althavir itself) manipulating with the dimensional space comprising Morth's two universes. Faron met up with the Roadwalker, who told Faron of a prophecy he had tried to tell him in the events of the first Plight, before Althavir initially killed Faron. The prophecy told of an event simply known as the "Dragonduel," telling of a clash between two dragons, which would later be revealed as Althavir and Rennenogon, that would judge the fate of both Morth and the Alpha Morth.

Shortly after the death of Tyraz and the collapse of Mount Crimson and the Annihilum, Faron ventured forth unknowingly into one of the Dark Hallows, Faron met and clashed with his Alpha self, who had been corrupted by Necrossio's Fragment. A fierce battle ensued, ending with a major clash between the darkness of the Alpha Faron and the light of the primary Faron which resulted in a blast that obliterated the Alpha Faron. Rennenogon was unleashed from within the boy, and now finally ousted, spoke to Faron about who it was. Now with a physical form again, Necrossio's aspect and attempted to escape from the Dark Hollow to enslave Morth once more, whereupon he planned to resurrect its Scourges again and regain his physical, godly form.

However, Althavir, now merely a soul, was awakened by the imbalance of light and dark that had ensued from the blast that had destroy the Alpha Faron, and finally freed itself from Faron's own soul. Creating a twisted, impromptu "body" of sorts from the souls trapped in the Dark Hollow (which took the form of an eldritch, undead mockery of Althavir's former body), Althavir regained physical form, leaving Faron weak. Rennenogon applauded Althavir on having managed to do so and commanded it to finish off Faron. However, Althavir, true to its uncontrollable nature, defied Rennenogon, stating that it did not "belong" to anyone, and proceeded to attack its own creator. Rennenogon, in rage and disbelief, fought back, initiating the legendary Dragonduel. The battle waged on for a long, long while, Althavir and Rennenogon tearing through space itself to combat one another and Althavir literally eating the souls of those trapped in the Dark Hollow to power itself, while Faron recouped and joined with both his parents and the remaining Ava'lii (who, at that point, were comprised of only Cole, Naomi, and Zaeren). Faron realized that, no matter which side won, Morth would be doomed, perhaps even moreso if Althavir won, and Faron finally resolved to put an end to both Althavir's threat and Necrossio's plot.

Althavir, in the meanwhile, had done the impossible and managed to overpower Rennenogon. Rennenogon, mortally wounded and speaking its disbelief at having been defeated by one of its own creations, was left helpless as Althavir proclaimed victory. Althavir proclaimed its intent to destroy both Morth universes, after consuming Necrossio's soul and consciousness and becoming more powerful than it had ever been, before using said power to fly beyond the boundaries of the Alpha Realm and ravage whatever it could find. In that instant, Althavir had become a more powerful threat than Necrossio himself. However, Faron finally managed to breach back into the Dark Hollow and used his newfound power to confront Althavir. Once more, the two adversaries locked in combat like they had done six years ago, now for the fate of Morth's reality, and Faron and Althavir engaged in a brutal final battle.

At last, however, Faron managed to strike the Dragonblade through Althavir's skull with enough force to rupture Althavir's now-abominated soul (which had been fused with the many other souls Althavir had drawn into itself to regain form). With a final roar of anguish, Althavir's body shattered, and the mangled, malformed remains of its soul was ensnared within the Dark Hollow, cursed to an everlasting of darkness and never to arise again. Rennenogon would use the last of its power to try and destroy both universes as a final act of spite before fading into shadow, forcing Faron to absorb the power of the Dragoneye and ascend to a higher plane of existence (similar to how Derticai had become the Embodiment after his own death) and use his new power to seal the damage Rennenogon and Althavir had wreaked. Bidding his friends one final farewell before he faded away into another plane, Faron vanished, Althavir destroyed for good and Necrossio not to rise until thousands of years later.




Althavir was an 80-foot long wyrm with a four-legged build and two wings as large as the dragon each. Althavir was covered in scars and had a lining of spikes running down its neck to its tail, which was tipped with four large tailspikes. Its legs were described as being unusually jagged in structure, and ended in three black talons. Its skin was tortilla-brown in color (though it is sometimes depicted as gray, as seen in the picture above) and was layered with gem-hard scales. Althavir's neck was about seven feet long, ending in a head with a pointed snout and two skin flaps above the nose, which was constantly billowing out smoke. Althavir had a stub for a tongue and only one eye, due to the Avatar cutting each off. Its single eye was purely black, with no iris, pupil, or even shine to speak of. Its frill was the most distinguishing feature of all; it was a series of pointed spikes encircling its neck, directly behind its head, who's overall appearance resembled the sun, owing to the dragon's theme of the sun.

Human Form

Althavir's human body was, despite its genderless orientation, masculine. It was bulky, muscular, and tall-standing. It had wide shoulders tough as stone and stood six-and-a-half feet. It had pale dark skin and never bore a shirt, the only material of clothing it wore being loose, light-brown trousers. As an echo of its dragon form, Althavir's chest, arms, and shoulders were covered in scars, the most prominent going diagonally across its chest to its lower right-side ribs. It had a "tough-looking" face, with a wide chin, one black eye - the other permanently closed from the Dragonblade's scar - and a mouth almost always locked into a vague smirk and nothing else. On the rare occasions Althavir opened its mouth, it revealed teeth just as sharp as those as in its dragon form. Its fingernails, too, seemed pale and almost claw-like. It had long, unkempt black hair that fell slightly past its mid-back, and a very thin, faint moustache. Its voice was smooth and deep, unusually quiet given its nature. In Faron's dream, where the human form appears, it does not speak as a result of having its tongue cut out, but instead uses its snarling telepathic voice.

Resurrected Body

After resurrecting itself using the souls of the Dark Hollow, Althavir took on a twisted caricature of its original form in the form of a powerful dracolich. Although it was flesh and blood, it was only held together through the constantly-expended energy of the souls and Althavir's own will, forcing Althavir to repeatedly consume more souls in order to keep its form, lest it completely collapse on itself. Althavir's scales had lost their jewel-hard consistency and had become black and rubbery, and a gray, sticky substance oozed out of the open spaces between the scales. Its wings too had started to mutate, the skin-flaps becoming gray and slightly withered. Festering holes and mouths appeared at random on Althavir's form, out of which came maggots formed from the gray substance and pitch-dark tendrils of Tainted energy. All the souls that Althavir had devoured were forcefully merged with its own, creating an abominated conglomerate of souls. Despite the corpse-body's seemingly weak form, Althavir was just as strong as in its original form and had gained Y-based powers as a result of its Tainted soul swelling with power. It regenerated wounds that had been opened almost the moment they were opened, and shrugged off the effects of Rennenogon's dark powers, remaining surprisingly durable. The only thing that ended up destroying it was the one weapon Althavir's soul was and had always been weak to: the Dragonblade.


Althavir was described as "the perfect evil." It was a wrathful, spiteful, petty, and arrogant being that reveled in, and loved, chaos, death, and violence. The only thing Althavir truly sought was to bring as much chaos unto the land as possible as an extension of Necrossio's rage. It initially appeared to be a mindless force of nature, driven by little more than a single-minded goal of wiping out Morth. However, despite Necrossio's strong influence on it, Althavir was surprisingly cunning and intelligent. It was no-nonsense and wasted no opportunities to try and kill the Ava'lii or else resolve to break them down. Althavir held ambitions that grew as its life went on, going from merely attempting to destroy Morth on the behalf of its creator to attempting to obliterate two dimensions of life and turning against its master in the process. Much of what it did seemed only meant to entertain it, most notably destroying Denulthia after a year of slumber to warm up. 

Althavir was also highly sadistic, taunting everyone it could whenever the opportunity presented itself and flashing several sadistic smiles. It relished the fear of others and took pride in what it was, never hestitating to gloat and boast about its own strength and cruelty. It was a being that also despised humans and the Avatar especially; when Althatz freed it, it expressed its utter disgust at having been freed by a human. Althavir's belief was that life existed to die and that the virtuous ideals the Avatar fought for were little more than illusions, something that Althavir sought to prove by unleashing the only thing it thought mattered; chaos. It was also shown numerous times to be very self-serving; when Althatz freed it, it paid him back by trying to kill him, and attempted to destroy its own master out of little more than rage once Necrossio attempted to control it. It was a truly caustic dragon that took every opportunity to insult and harshly break the Ava'lii or anyone in proxy of the Dragoneye. Athavir also seemed to think lowly of the Divinities, referring Omnes as "that sniveling god" and thinking that the people the Avatar protected gave him nothing. Althavir did not believe and likely couldn't understand the meaning of virtue and goodness.

Althavir, in its youth, was noted to be something of a twisted hedonist. Its initial response to its birth was not to immediately raze Morth but to conquer it and play around with it, subjecting those who fell into its grasp to torturous deaths and whatever else Althavir may have desired. It alternated between wreaking random campaigns of destruction through its dragon form and utilizing a human form to walk among humanity. It savored the moments when people were afraid of it and sometimes made Morth's population wait in dread for its next attack. As a human, Althavir was noted to be particularly unpredictable and cruel and did whatever it pleased while hiding in society, furthered by Althavir's apparent charisma. It, for its own pleasure, wooed ladies that caught its eye, before cruelly raping them and slaughtering them for nothing more than its own amusement. One of the most notable incidents surrounding Althavir's random lust for cruelty as a human was the murder of an entire family, eating the infant son alive in front of its parents and brother before slowly burning the parents alive. Althavir left the eldest child of the family alive for a whole day to mourn and suffer before it killed him too. Its ultimate decision to destroy Morth was based on boredom with it.

After it was unsealed, Althavir forsook all intents on simply conquering Morth and resolved to completely destroy it, no longer out of mere boredom but out of hate and wrath for those whom it had sealed. Althavir was notably hateful most directly against the Avatar, and directed this hatred towards Faron, initially attempting to kill Faron in the Goldstar and continuing to try and kill him out of what it felt was defiance for its first wrath. As Faron continued to overpower Althavir, Althavir became increasingly sadistic in their rivalry, not only intending to kill him but to utterly break him as well. Althavir first sought to do so by directly taunting Faron through a telepathic dream of his and trying to exploit his own relationship with Claire, and then later killing all the Ava'lii in front of him (in the first timeline), allowing Faron to watch before toying with him and dragging out his death. Althavir's hatred towards the other Ava'lii was not as pronounced but no less apparent, as it took in particular a great pleasure in killing Derticai (as inadvertant as his death was).

Althavir was remarkably petty as an individual as a result of its arrogance. Any perceived slight against it would result in Althavir attempting in all of its power to harm and eventually kill those it feel it offended it. These offenses were usually mild at best; Althavir attempted to kill Althatz solely because Althatz had attempted to control it, motivating Althavir into attempting to burn Althatz alive because of his "man-arrogance." Continued offenses and repeated defiance of its power, as with Faron, only pushed Althavir into further and more sadistic exploits to try and hurt those who insulted it. Althavir took an immense relish in toying with Faron in particular because of this. It believed itself completely invulnerable to any mortal attempt to hurt it, and the few instances where it had been harmed usually resulted in Althavir coming to a point of uncontrolled rage, with Hathrot's attack against it being the only notable exception.

Despite Althavir's token for wanton chaos and destruction above all else, Althavir was still very intelligent and utilized planning in its affairs as well as pragmatism. After Hathrot had managed to neutralize Althavir's Sunfire, Althavir opted not to kill him but instead to fly out to the Skypierce Mountains and rest for a full year to regain its strength. This would later be seen after Althavir's second defeat; wisely rethinking its strategy, Althavir instead decided to wait for the Ava'lii's journey to naturally progress and laid low as not to draw attention to itself. It used the opportunity to flawlessly ambush the Ava'lii at the Goldstar and wipe them out one-by-one and assuring its immortality. It was ruthless and knew better than to leave anything that posed a threat to it alive. Despite its tendency to mock others and play with them, Althavir ultimately prioritized brutally killing the Ava'lii and cementing its own immortality above all else, the only time it didn't do so being the result of forces outside its control.

Althavir generally prided itself as the master of whatever situation it was in. Not a moment passed without it directly taunting and mocking those under it and proclaiming its own strength. The only thing capable of truly incensing Althavir was when the tide started to turn out of its favor, most notable during the final battle where Althavir showed pain and disbelief about Naomi's capability of hurting it and irritation and exhaustion over Faron's continued perserverance. This eventually translated into berserk wrath where Althavir stopped mocking Faron and instead focused all its efforts on killing him alone. Its final moments are implied to be that of absolute disbelief that anything would ever be able to hurt it.

Althavir proved itself again and again the ultimate force of chaos and beyond anybody's control; easily overpowering Althatz's attempts to control it, overpowering the Tempera spell and overpowering Hathrot in the Betrayal universe, proving itself the greater threat against Tyraz, and ultimately even being able to best its own creator. For these reasons, Althavir was likely the most dangerous threat to Morth in general aside from the most powerful form of Necrossio, and was bar none the most evil out of the many, many threats and plights Morth had beared.

Abilities and Strengths

  • Immortality: Althavir's most powerful ability was its virtual invincibility to all mortal means, given the fact that it was a demigod and had the Tainted soul of a Divinity. It took a complex process to kill it. The lead Ava'lii, Faron, after Awakening (which apparently required the other seven parts of the Avatar Awakening beforehand), must had been wielding the Dragoneye-infused Dragonblade awakened by the Wordless Dictionary to strike a mortal blow on the beast. Without Faron, the Dragoneye, the Dragonblade, or the Wordless Dictionary, Althavir could not be defeated, which meant that victory for Althavir would simply mean having to destroy any of those four items. If struck down by any other means, Necrossio's darkness would simply recreate the dragon as many times as it was killed.
  • Sunfire: Althavir's primary means of offense was its firebreath, which was known by the special name of Sunfire. As Althavir had the soul of Apollocrytes, its firebreath was comprised from the fires of the sun itself, giving it a special destructive property. Stated at one point that this breath could have razed a mighty city like Canitonia to "nothing more than memories," Althavir utilized this power several times during the story, most notably to almost instantly kill Faron when his guard was down. This power was, however, able to be neutralized if extensive damage was dealt to the dragon; Hathrot temporarily managed to stop the ability with the use of an archaic spell, and the Sunfire was neutralized completely with the silken garment Faron donned after his revival.
  • Command over the Sun: Althavir, aside from its Sunfire, also directly held some control over the sun. Though not able to directly use it to its full potential, unlike Apollocrytes, it having Apollocrytes' soul and blood meant that Althavir could both use the sun as an eye to spy on its enemies, in replacement for the one that had been cut out, and heat up the world around it whenever it drew near. Until its Sunfire was neutralized (implying the powers had a connection), when Althavir drew near, the sun would rise above it, the sky would turn red, the clouds would turn into a chaotic cyclone, and the ground would crack and burn, all while the world heated up. Althavir was able to do this even if it was night, suggesting that it did have some powerful form of control over use of the sun even beyond the control of Apollocrytes.
  • Healing Factor: Althavir also had a healing factor, although it worked much slower than other uses of automatic healing, that seemed to activate when Althavir went to sleep. Using it, Althavir healed to full power after being wounded by Hathrot and was able to come to a full recovery in a matter of less than a day after sustaining wounds from Faron. There did seem to be exceptions if the wounds were grave enough, however, as various scars around Althavir's body failed to heal even after it resurrected, and Althavir was never capable of regenerating its tongue and eye.
  • Telepathy: As Althavir was unable to properly talk due to having its tongue cut out by the Avatar, it possessed a significant telepathic link to the Dragoneye. Althavir could project its voice into the mind of whoever held the Dragoneye, and demonstrated this to both Althatz and Faron.
  • Stygian Powers: Through unknown means (as it was never implied at any point Necrossio had any control or connection to Stygia or the Lower Plane), Althavir was capable of tearing open a crack in the earth that was confirmed to lead to Stygia, which it tried to plunge the Ava'lii and Bellstop into. It only used this power once and only as a last resort.
  • Natural Abilities: Even without its numerous powers, Althavir was still a mighty force to be reckoned with by sheer force of its physical abilities and build. Its scales gave it immense defense that protected it from all normal mortal weapons, to the point where it only seemed the Ava'lii and magic were able to so much as stun it. It had immensely thick claws that could demolish a house, sharp teeth that were capable of fatally wounding Derticai, and four thick tail spikes described as being capable of "puncturing diamonds like paper." It was also capable of flying with wings powerful enough to lift it and could keep itself airborne for vast periods of time, although it seemed flight was rather slow for it (given how long it took for it to reach Bellstop from the Capital).
  • Soul Manipulation: A power Althavir demonstrated only after its revival. Althavir, perhaps as a result of having been regressed to a fragment of Faron's soul for six years, was capable of fusing the souls of the Dark Hollow with its own to achieve an undead form, and devoured these same souls to heal itself. It also intended to eat Necrossio's soul to power itself up even further and become like a god.


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Alternate Universe incarnations

Note: None of the information here is to be regarded as canon in any extent to the primary version.

Betrayal Timeline

In the non-canon Betrayal timeline, Althavir fulfills the same basic role and character in the primary universe. However, what is unique about this universe is that Althavir was overceded, however briefly, as the ultimate threat in the story, by none other than Hathrot (who, in this universe, was not the Roadwalker but a malign sorcerer) who used a spell known as Tempera to enslave Althavir to his will. Hathrot managed to use Althavir as his virtual slave for a short time, as well as using it to start superheating the sun, but Althavir eventually managed to overcome the spell and turn the tables on Hathrot. It was destroyed in much the same way and Hathrot was arrested by Althatz.

Fallen Timeline

In the alternate Fallen timeline, Althavir once again functions as the exact same character as its primary self in a different circumstance. After its defeat, Althavir's soul was bound to Faron's for the next seven years. However, during this timeframe, Althavir's mind came back to it and Althavir, as a parasite, slowly begun to feast off of Faron's lifeforce. This caused Faron horrific nightmares and pains that forced him to rest. Slowly, Althavir begun to take over Faron's body and its soul began to overwhelm Faron's, causing Faron brief flashes into Althavir's personality. Eventually, one night, Althavir totally displaced Faron's mind and takes over his body.

Althavir-Faron proceeded to test out its powers on Bellstop, and without mercy slaughtered each and every citizen of Bellstop. Althavir proclaimed its intent to use Faron's own body to individually slaughter every person in Morth while making Faron watch, stating the cruel irony that it would turn Morth's greatest hero against it and intending to keep Faron alive for all eternity to watch through his eyes the carnage Althavir would cause. Confronted by the Ava'lii (excepting Derticai) Althavir-Faron proceeded, with the Dragonblade and its own unmatched power, to brutally murder each and every one of the Ava'lii, managing to nearly kill Claire. As Althavir-Faron prepared to torture Claire to death with Faron's body as a cruel act of spite, Claire's desperate pleas managed to force Faron to take control of his body again. Engaging in a fierce mental battle with Althavir, Faron eventually forced himself to turn the Dragonblade on himself, mortally wounding both himself and Althavir. Althavir's dying agonies cursed both Faron and Claire before both Faron and Althavir's souls faded away, leaving Claire alone.

Althavir-Faron is described as having wild, red eyes, with no apparent pupil and looking deep enough to reach one's hand into, exaggeratedly pointed teeth, and a mouth always locked into a monstrous grin. Faron's dragon wings turned red at this state and red, crack-like marks formed on Faron's body. Its general appearance is said to be a lot more feral than Faron's, and Althavir-Faron walks with an unsteadly waver, with its arms often hanging. Althavir bore none of its old powers but all of Faron's, and that combined with Althavir's pure wrath was enough to make Althavir-Faron a force unstoppable even by the combined force of the Ava'lii.

Alternate Divinities

There exist various theoretical alternate forms of Althavir as born by other corrupted Divinities (instead of Apollocrytes):

Noche-born Althavir

Known as the "Lunar Devourer," Althavir, as a result of being born by Noche, is described as leaning more to a female gender due to Noche being a goddess. This incarnation of Althavir has the most in common with its primary form due to Noche being a direct foil to Apollocrytes. Noche-Althavir has jet-black scales with faint white markings on them similar to stars, claws covered in a fine "star-dust," a much thinner tail with two vertical tail-spikes shaped in the form of a crescent moon, and curved back-spines. The skinflaps on its wings were a deep blue and transparent, allowing one to see the sky from below them. Noche-Althavir's frill was replaced by two purplish-blue spiked formations on either side of its head each giving the appearance of a crescent moon. Its eye was a deep purple, and seemed to constantly emit a thick, ominous starry mist. 

Noche-Althavir, held dominion over the moon instead of the sun, and used this to raise the moon and plunge the world into a pitch-dark night wherever it went. Its breath was also different, being referred to as "Nightfire;" a freezing-cold torrent of cold fire capable of instantaneously freezing whatever it touched and being said as coming from the coldest depths of the universe. Noche-Althavir was far calmer than its primary self, having a low, soothing feminine voice and a personality far more subtle and restrained than that of its primary self. It never raised its voice, addressed its enemies with apparent respect, and maintained a sturdy guise of being affable and stoic. Noche-Althavir was far more likely to try and use words to break down its enemies rather than simply destroy them, and was highly crafty and manipulative, knowing exactly what buttons to press and what vulnerabilities to exploit. It was far more pragmatic and knew the benefit of not drawing attention to itself. However, underneath that, Noche-Althavir was just as cruel as its primary self and held just as much burning hatred for the world around it, and when truly angered, Noche-Althavir's facade peeled and this rage was released.

Serphine-born Althavir

Known as the "Fate-twister," and the only incarnation of Althavir to not be evil. Althavir, as born through Serphine, is likely the most unique of the various incarnations of Althavir. It is described as more feminine than many other incarnations of Althavir. It has verdant, green scales, with emeraldine jewels embedded in them and giving it a radiant glow whenever it flew through the sky. Its teeth, back-spikes, frill, and claws, too, are emerald, and its eye is blindingly green as opposed to pitch black. It has a slightly thinner build than Apollocrytes-Althavir, the most marked bodily change being the increased length of its tail and the disappearance of its tail-spikes.

Serphine-Althavir, unlike all of its other incarnations, was not entirely beholden to its Tainted side. As Serphine had a wild, unpredictable, and somewhat hedonistic heart, this in itself was reflected in Serphine-Althavir. It had the ability to look into the future and the various outcomes that would occur through its actions. It operated on actions to fulfill whatever outcome it liked the best, and none of these outcomes would necessarily be negative for the world around it. Given as it was still a Tainted, they often came with a sadistic edge and Serphine-Althavir was decidedly amoral, but it acted purely on what would satisfy it as opposed to malevolent whims. This, in many respects, makes it similar to Kilzzamandro. It also possessed a curiosity of the future and was driven to fulfill as many possible outcomes as it could, and for this reason it often sought mortal help. In the universe it was spawned, the War of the First ended at Necrossio's death and the Ava'lii were never born as a result of Serphine-Althavir parting amiably with the Divinities.

Somni-born Althavir

Known as the "Lurking Nightmare." Althavir, as born through Somni, leaned again to a female gender. It did not exist in a corporeal form, but instead was bound to the world of dreams to haunt mortals in their sleep. It had the vague form of a dragon, but often too on the form of dark purple or black mist, capable of spreading itself across miles. This mist could form into anything the dreamer was afraid of. When it did form into that of the dragon, it was vague, with wings that blot out all light they covered and cast an infinite shadow. Dead stars could be seen in Noche-Althavir's eye; the eye that had been taken from it was the one thing it could not be reformed by it.

Eonus-born Althavir: Known as the "Stardrake."

Frum-born Althavir: Known as "Oblivion's Wind."

Terrim-born Althavir: Known as the "Great Earth-shaker."

Omnes-born Althavir: Known as the "Cruel God."

Pureverse incarnation

Althavir also had a role in both the pre-Wipe and post-Wipe (the latter canonized as Pure Soul) continuities of the Pureverse (a universe separate to the Teraverse continuity). In the Pureverse, however, Althavir is represented as a complete and total contrast to its Teraverse self; it (or he, in the Pureverse) is instead the gruff, but benign entity responsible for taking care of the sun, and life itself in the post-Wipe continuity, almost as a parallel to the Teraverse incarnation of Apollocrytes. A literal god by association with the Council (the grouping of gods responsible for taking care of reality at large) Althavir has none of the negative qualities of his Teraverse incarnation, and is much, much more powerful (although served a low position in the Council in the pre-Wipe continuity; this was changed in the post-Wipe continuity, where Althavir is one of three gods making up the First, the supreme god of the setting). The Pureverse Althavir also has a human form in the post-Wipe setting; represented as a towering, glowing figure with regal clothing suggestive of the sun and a face and beard suggestive of a lion.

"Animated" incarnation


  • Althavir takes inspiration from Alduin from the Elder Scrolls universe and Smaug from the Middle-earth universe; both franchises that had some part in inspiring Dragoneye.
  • Personality-wise, Althavir has major similarities to both Doomsday and Super/Kid Buu, from the Superman and Dragon Ball universes respectively, all being forces of chaos and destruction aligned to no particular side who only wish to kill and destroy as much as they can for the sake of amusement.