Alice Skuns


Alice Skuns, only daughter of Mary Skuns and her husband Harold, is the captain of her school's volleyball team. She has also proclaimed herself as both the strongest and most important bully of her school. Alice's girlfriend is Vanessa, one of the richest and most popular girls in the center.

Appearance and Character

Alice stands 2 meters tall (more than six foot of height) making her not only the tallest girl of her school, but also of the whole town. Her skin is slightly tanned, her eyes are grey and dangerous while her hair is always short and orange.

Apart from being tall, Alice is realy strong, being able to lift two people at the same time without breaking a sweat. Her body is athletic, with muscles hard as steel capable of feats of amazing strenght. She usualy wears sports clothing of grey and dark colours. She also likes skulls.

Alice uses her strenght to bully everyone who dares to cross her path without mercy, knowing that her superior strenght will make her able to win anyone who tries to fight back. But even if her strenght, speed and stamnia make her a truly dangerous rival, her intelligence is not one of her strongest points. For that reason, she usualy scares others to do her homework and any other activities which don´t involve the use of her strenght and athletic skills. She is also known to be easily bored and to enjoy watching the suffering of others, including the members of her own team.


Even if the rest of her body is tough and strong, Alice has a weakness which she tries to hide from everyone around her and that weakness is her ultra-sensitive bottom. It is so sensitive, a single smack or wedgie can make her scream in pain. For that reason, Alice never wears thongs and instead choses larger pairs of panties or boxers, including tighty whities, so that the fabric does not sink between her buttocks by itself.



-Vanessa: Alice's girlfriend and one of the few people Alice realy fears. Vanessa is much smaller and weaker than Alice, but to counter that she is a hundred times more cunning and intelligent. Vanessa knows about Alice's secret weakness and she is never afraid to use it if Alice does something that annoys her. Alice is both totaly scared and madly in love with Vanessa, who she sees as the only person who can truly give her orders.

-Volleyball team: The team fears Alice and follows her every order to not feel the full weight of her wrath. Alice knows this and bullies any member who tries to question any of her orders.

-Keira: Shy and fearful, Keira is one of Alice's favourite victims and is often at the bad end of many of her pranks and humiliations.

-Erika: Personaly, Alice cares litttle about Erika. For her, she is just another weakling to play with as she wants, but her girlfriend Vanessa does not think the same way. Vanessa sees Erika as her most hated foe and often orders Alice to punish the goth girl whenever she sees it. Alice, who always loves to torment others, accepts these orders without doubt.



Keira gets wedgied by Alice, again

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Alice gets a wedgie for Christmas

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Alice, having problems with her swimsuit


Alice gives Keira a painful atomic wedgie