This story is the origin. Someone edited it and changed things, trying to tell the truth.

The Story

It was a nice summer day, my 5-year-old son Michael was playing outside in the backyard of our suburban home. Michael has always been a quiet boy, he plays by himself mostly, he never had many friends, but he has always had a wild imagination. I was in the kitchen feeding our dog Kaden, when I heard what sounded like Michael talking to someone in the backyard. I’m not sure who it was he could be talking to, could he have finally made a friend? Being a single mom it’s hard for me to always keep an eye on my son, so I decided to go outside and check on him.

When I went into the backyard I was a bit confused, because Michael was the only person back there. Was he talking to himself? I could have sworn I heard another voice. “Michael! It’s time to come inside.” I called out to him. He came inside and sat down at the kitchen table, it was about lunchtime so I decided to make him a turkey sandwich. “Michael. Who were you talking to out there?” I asked. Michael looked up for a moment, “I was playing with my new friend,” he said smiling. I poured him some milk and continued to pry, as any good mother would. “Does your friend have a name? Why didn’t you ask him to have lunch with us?” I asked. Michael stared at me for a moment before replying, “His name is Aaron Brown.” I was a bit taken back by what he had said. “Oh? That’s a strange name. What does your friend look like?” I asked a bit confused. “He’s a clown. He has a Jew nose and brown hair to his shoulders and he always smiles.” I realized my son was talking about an imaginary friend. I suppose it is normal for kids his age to have imaginary friends, especially when he has no real kids to play with. It’s probably just a phase.

The rest of the day went by as per usual, and it was starting to get late so I put Michael to bed. I tucked him in, gave him a kiss, and made sure to turn on his nightlight before I closed the door. I was pretty tired myself so I decided to go to bed not long after. I had an awful nightmare…

It was dark. I was in some kind of convention. I was scared, running through an endless field of empty fur suits, broken condoms, and booths. The whole place had a horrible look to it. Everything was black and white, the prize stuffed animals all hung from nooses in the booths, all with sick grins stitched on their faces. It felt like the whole building was looking at me, even though there wasn’t another living thing in sight. Then suddenly, I began to hear music, the tune All the Single Furry's echoed through the carnival, it was hypnotizing. I followed its tune to the main building almost in a trance, unable to stop my legs from moving forward. It was pitch black, the only light came from a single spotlight shining on the center of the big top. As I walked toward the light the music slowed down, I found myself singing along unable to stop.

“All the single furrys

All the single furrys

All the single furrys"

The music stopped right before its climax, and suddenly the lights shot on. The intensity of the lights was practically blinding, all I could see was a small dark silhouette shuffle towards me. Then another one appeared, and another, and another. There were dozens of them, all coming toward me. I couldn’t move, my legs were frozen, all I could do was watch as the haunting figures drew nearer. As they got closer I could see… THEY WERE FURRYS! As I looked at each one I noticed they were all horribly disfigured and mutilated. Some had cuts all over their body, others were severely burnt, and others were missing limbs, even eyes! The furrys enveloped me, clawing at my flesh, dragging me to the ground, and tearing inside me. As the furrys tore me apart and I faded away, all I could hear was laughter, horrible, awful, evil, laughter.

I woke up the next morning in a cold sweat. After taking a few deep breaths I looked over and saw that a few of Michael's framed Korean girl lewds were positioned facing me on top of my nightstand. I sighed, Michael had probably woken up early and put these here. I gathered up the photos and made my way to Issac's room, however when I opened the door Michael was sound asleep. I just shrugged and placed the photos back into his photo gallery, and headed out to the living room. A little while later Michael woke up and I made him his breakfast. He was quiet and seemed a bit groggy, perhaps he didn’t sleep well either. I decided to ask him about the photos, “Michael honey, did you put the photos in mommy’s room this morning?” His eyes shot up at me for a moment then quickly glanced back down at his cereal. “Aaron Brown did it.” I rolled my eyes and responded, “Well you tell ‘Aaron Brown’ to keep the photos in your room.” Michael nodded and finished up his breakfast, then decided to go play out in the backyard.

I went to relax in the living room and I must have dozed off, because I woke up a couple hours later. “Shit! I need to check on Michael.” I was a bit worried, it had been over 2 hours and I haven’t checked on him. I went stepped out into the backyard, but Michael wasn’t there anymore. I was getting nervous so I called out to him, "Michael! MICHAEL WHERE ARE YOU?!” Just then I heard a giggle come from the front yard. I rushed through the gate around to the front of the house. Michael was sitting on the sidewalk. I breathed a sigh of relief and walked over to him, “Michael how many times have I told you to stay in the back yard…" "Michael, what are you eating?” Michael looked up at me then reached into his pocket and pulled out a hand full of horse dildos in all colors. This made me very nervous, “Michael, who gave you those dildos?” Michael just stared at me not speaking. "Michael! Please, tell mommy where you got that candy!” Michael hung his head down and said "Aaron Brown gave them to me.” My heart sunk, I reached down to look him in the eye, “Michael I’ve had had enough of this damn Aaron Brown thing, HE IS GAY! Now this is a very serious situation and I need to know who gave you the dildos!” I could see my son’s eyes tear up, “But mommy, Aaron Brown DID give me the dildos.” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, Michael has never lied to me but what he’s telling me is impossible. I make him spit out the dildos and I throw the rest away, Michael appears to be fine. Maybe I’m just overreacting after all he could have gotten it from Zayne and Samantha from next door, or Mr. Eppy down the street. Either way I’m going to have to keep a closer eye on Issac. That night I put Michael to bed as usual, and decided to go to bed early myself.

Suddenly I was woken up by a loud bang coming from the kitchen. I sprung out of bed and hurried down the stairs. When I got to the kitchen I was horrified. Every thing on the counters had been thrown on the floor, and our dog Kaden hung dead from the light fixture. His stomach was cut open and stuffed with candy, the same type that Michael was eating earlier that day. My shock was quickly broken by a sharp scream coming from Michaels’ room followed by loud crashes. I quickly grabbed a huge dildo from the drawer and moved up the stairs with the speed that only a mother whose child is in danger of becoming a furry could have. I burst through the door and flicked on the lights. Everything in the room was knocked over and tossed on the floor, my poor son in his bed crying and shaking with fear, a pool of semen staining the sheets. I scooped my child up and ran out of the house and went next door to Zayne and Samantha’s house, Luckily they were still awake. They let me use their phone and I called the police. It didn’t take them long to arrive, and I explained what had happened, they looked at me as if I were crazy. They searched the house, but all they found was a dead dog and 2 trashed rooms. The officer told me that someone had probably gotten into the house and done this right before making a quick escape when they heard me coming up the stairs. I knew it wasn’t true. All the doors were locked and none of the windows were open, whatever was in my house didn’t come from outside.

The next day Michael stayed inside, I didn’t want him to leave my sight. I went into the garage and found his old baby monitor and set it up in his room, if anything comes into his room tonight, I was going to be able to hear it. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the dildo from the drawer and put it on my nightstand. Imaginary friend or not, I’m not letting anything turn my little boy into a furry.

Soon enough night came. I put Michael to bed, he was afraid, but I promised him that I wasn’t going to let anything happen to him. I tucked him in, gave him a kiss, and turned on the nightlight. Before closing the door I whispered to him “Goodnight Michael. Fuck you.”

I tried to stay up as long as I could, but after a few hours I felt myself drifting off. My baby would be safe for the night and I needed to sleep. Just as I lay my head on the pillow I heard a soft noise come from the baby monitor I had put on my nightstand. At first it sounded like interference, like the kind a radio would make. Then it turned into a soft moan. Was Michael asleep? Then I heard it, the laugh from my nightmare, that horrible laugh. I sprung up from bed and grabbed the dildo from under my pillow. I rushed over to Michael's room and creaked the door open. I tried the light switch but it wouldn’t come on. I took a step in and I could feel the warm thick liquid on my feet. Suddenly Michael's nightlight came on and I could see the absolute horror laid out in front of me.

Michael's’ body was getting nailed up against the wall, the penis penetrating his butt hole. His chest was bulging wide open and his penis hung down to the floor. I was disgusted, I could hardly believe this was my baby boy. Then I heard it again, the soft desperate moan. MICHAEL WAS STILL STRAIGHT! My baby, my poor baby, in so much pain barely clinging to straightness. I ran across the room and nutted on the floor, but my nut was interrupted by a horrible cackle coming from behind me. I spun around while still wiping semen from my mouth, then out of the shadows emerged the fiend responsible for all this horror, Aaron Brown. His ghost white skin and matted brown hair hung down to his shoulders. He had piercing pink eyes surrounded by dark black rings. His twisted smile revealed a row of sharp jagged wolf teeth, and his skin didn’t look like skin at all, it almost looked like rubber or plastic. He wore a patchy, black and white wolf fursuit outfit. His body itself was grotesque, his long arms hanging down past his waist and the way he was poised made him look almost boneless, like a wolf. He let out a sickening laugh as if to let me know he was pleased with my reaction to his ‘work’. He then turned around slowly in front of Michael and began to laugh even more at the horrific sight he has laid out. That was enough to shake me from my terror, I snapped, “GET AWAY FROM HIM YOU SEXY FUCK!” I rushed at the monster raising the dildo above my head, and stabbed down at him, but as soon as the dildo touched him he disappeared in a cloud of black smoke. The knife passed right through and pierced Michael's still pulsating asshole, splashing the warm semen on my face….

No… what have I done? My baby, I gayed my baby! I immediately fell to my knees, and I could hear sirens in the distance growing louder… My boy, my sweet baby boy… I promised mommy would protect you… But I failed… I’m sorry Michael… I’m so sorry…

Police soon arrived to find me in front of my son, still wielding the dildo covered in my baby’s feces The trial was short, insanity. I was placed in the Phiropoulos House for the Criminally Gay, where I have been for the past 2 months. Its not so bad here, the only reason I’m awake now is because someone is playing All the Single Furrys outside my window… I'll talk to the orderlies about it in the morning…



Photo token before gayification.

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